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Here Comes A New Advocate!

by KPB Roddyness

Thought we were gonna be cliche’ with the title, eh? Haha, Roddy here. 🙂 Got some things to announce and in editorial fashion get off my chest. But for now I leave you with a teaser. We have a new soldier in our ranks and said person will be representing us during Guard Crush tonight at Next Level in NYC. An official announcement will be made in a few days regarding our new acquisition. This person has been known in the NYC fighting game community for sometime now and after spending some time and exchanging ideals with this person, we’ve reached an agreement on how they will help us help the community. And of course help us kick fighting game butt in the process. KPB wishes you luck tonight on your matches and we apologize for not being able to join and support you due to the timing of this breaking news to the group. But we promise to be at your side as long as you remain a part of us. KPB!

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