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KPB BrOkenOneup

Hey guys i’m (as the title says) BrokenOneup, my real name is Christopher and i know the name is really common so I’d prefer to be called across the room with Oneup or Broken to avoid confusion with the many other Chris’s in the world. Well like everyone else in this epic group I’m a long time gamer, in fact I’ve been gaming since 2. Of course i didn’t know much about what i was playing but my mom and dad had me in the high chair teaching me how to play their favorite game Super Mario bros. Eventually I became godlike at the classic platformer, that game is really close to me just like it is for a lot of other gamers my age. I started fighting game with street fighter 2, but i don’t remember much with the game i love sf2 alot now i find it really fun to play even now-a-day’s.

     Growing up it was mostly platformers for me and shooters, i didn’t learn to appreciate fighters till about that fighting game engine was popular, you know what I’m talking about; Mugen, before then fighting games had no replay value and was only fun when a friend came over to play, but then even that replay value died because me and my friend would get bored of it. I think it’s because we didn’t know much about how a fighter should play, in my opinion if you play fighters at a high level that’s when it becomes a lot more fun. Mugen taught me that, and  i know what your thinking “That’s the cheapest thing in the world!” The insane characters and the cheat moves added to a lot of other characters is what made me start to study fighters more, Mugen got me thinking about what makes a fighting game fair (Balanced) and i got around to making a more balanced Mugen (well in my mind it was balanced) that opened my eyes to competitive play and had me appreciate fighting games a lot more. Mugen is also how i met the friends that i have today, two of em are in KPB and that’s Jorge(KPB Fate), Luis(KPB Tekklas) we actually played Mugen in high school and it was there that i learned more and more about competitive gaming.

Well now you guys can see me doing commentary at some mortal kombat(2011) tournaments. I started that at the first streamed 8-bit event for Mk(2011) and i supposedly did well for first time commentary, i had alot of fun doing just that. So alot of the time on Bifuteki you’d hear me there doing commentary. I didn’t know that i could provide decent commentary for Mk(2011), so its something new for me and i want to keep doing that, hopefully end up one day at a big stage doing commentary for an event like EVO. I’m not very strong as a player in Mk(2011) but i love the game soo much and follow all the new things going on within the community of Mk. I will definitely accept any invitation to play casuals around new york, I’m hungry to get soo much better at Mk. But here at KPB I focus on the community more than ever, at KPB i’d like to think we’re trying to become that bridge for players that may not understand the community or are afraid of the community to see the good side of things, to see how to get better without any negativity or random disrespect. I like that goal, and it definitely comes first.

Be sure to check us out wherever we may be and let us know your supporting KPB, this was a little bit about me so ill stop writing now see you guys out there in the community say hi!

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