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We're Kick-Punch-Block, otherwise known as KPB!

Helping to expand the Fighting Game community locally in the heart of NYC, nationally, and eventually worldwide.

KPB Fate

Hey there! My name is Jorge and I’ve had a love for video games since I was 5. It all started on Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and then quickly moved up to smash brothers. I was stuck on smash for a while but then everything just suddenly stopped and the community died. I was always about playing casuals offline. I was doing it before I even knew what it was! Now I want to support the scene and play as much as possible, while at the same time getting my name out there and getting some recognition 🙂 my main game at the moment is Marvel vs Capcom3 (with a little bit of Gears 3 on the side ;] ) but I do casually play other shooters and action/adventure games as well. I spend my free time working, trying to support my family and being an older brother/role model. Being part of KPB has been a blast and I’m loving every second of it. One of my personal goals within the group is to get us all known for taking names and winning tournaments. However I still want to help the community expand and grow. With that being said, See you on the battlefield!

If your down for some games hit me up!


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