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KPB solkuro

 Hey there folks, my name is Jonathan Jack call me “Jon” for short.  I’m know as the “Gen” specialist among the KPB group since im the only one who uses the Character “Gen” in super streetfighter 4 arcade edition.

I’m the type of person who wish too not only wins but learns through every battle, even if I lose I still comeback with every ounce of strength I can muster too learn from my mistakes. My favorite fighting games are:

Melty blood series

Guilty gear series

Streetfigter third strike, super/ae

Marvel vs Capcom 3 (though Im starting to slack off in it) (im ranked #99 for High wins streak on the 360 version)

Rival Schools

those are just too name a few. Im not just a fighting game person, I do like too play shooters, racing games, puzzle games, rpgs, and mmos. I’m a cool and down too earth guy and sometimes likes too get his competitive side on, I wish too fight many strong players and learn from them.

heres my XBL:SolKuro let me know who you are and ill have no problem playing with ya. hope too met ya at any upcoming events untill then stay golden and Keep on the ” KPB Swag” train cause we just begun.

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