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A Tribute to Joshua “SK” Colon

                 After a night of being unable of sleep, I decided to go on Facebook for a bit and that’s where it hit me. Reading status beyond status I saw the words of R.I.P and condolences all going out and tagged to Joshua Colon. I myself could not believe it, a person who did nothing but enjoy life had passed away. I first met Joshua at my first Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament where I had played him my first round. I have never been bodied so bad in my life in a fighting game, shit in video games in general. During that tournament, I literally defined myself as “FREE" when I faced him, I couldn’t even give him a discount.

                 As time went by I always saw him hanging out at 8-bit and up video games where we would play tons of casual matches trying to redeem myself from such a loss, but day after day, session after session, I would get bodied over and over. Through these sessions we would laugh at me joking about my frustration and after every match he would give me tips on improving my game. These experiences taught me a lot and made me become a better player, he was like a mentor to me in fighting games even though I was older than him. After every session and every defeat, I would always tell him that I will BODY him the next time I see him, but this day will never come now since he is no longer with us. Finding out a person that i only knew for a few months, a person that I respected and joked around with, is gone from this world saddens me.

                At NEC XII this weekend, I will pay tribute to you as a friend, a mentor, a person who just sits back and enjoys the best offers in life. With every win I earn, I dedicate them to you. Even after NEC, you will always be remembered every time I play a fighting game…..

R.I.P Joshua “SK” Colon

written by Meanest Rage

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