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How To Defeat: Wesker

Please keep in mind that this is how I (KPB Fate) go about dealing with said character. Another persons methods maybe completely different from mine.

A lot of people complain about Wesker and say that he’s cheap as hell. I will admit he is good but there are certain weaknesses he has that you can pick at an tear him apart.

 Especially in Ultimate where his health is a bit lower. If you EVER see a Wesker teleport in the sky jump up and air grab him for a free combo. Characters with larger air grab range then him benefit from this immensely. If a Wesker teleport on the ground with out the support from an assist simply crouch and hit that C.L to hit him as soon as he leaves the teleport animation and go into a combo.

Wesker has alot of trouble against characters who tend to stay in the top (specifically the top right/left) of the screen, I’m looking at you Zero. Since Zero has great priority on his moves its hard for Wesker to score a solid hit on him, especially if he is being supported by assists. If your running a character like Zero just lame Wesker out with your projectiles until the Wesker gets impatient. Wesker doesn’t do well against characters who just throw projectiles at him all day.

If you spot Wesker as anchor on another team. Snap him in and try to put him in a brutal mixup when he is coming in. One of the most dangerous moments for a character in this game is when they are coming in. They could be put in a cross up mixup with assists, air grabbed and you can even dash to the other side as they are coming in and score a hit on their backside. Characters with double/triple jumps or dashes can avoid SOME of this for the most part. However this is also what makes Wesker such a threat as well. Wesker has a TON of options on incoming characters. He can: cross you up, air grab you for a combo, command grab you or put you in some kind of teleport mixup with an assist. If you can block or avoid the mixup when coming in you can either: A- Stay in his face with good pressure (Wolverine) until he breaks or B- avoid a lot of his ground game mixup by chicken blocking which makes it that you can’t get hit by an overhead. Meaning you can block everything he throws at you in an air to air battle. Make sure you option select your J.H into FOWARD J.H so it doubles as an air grab if possible as well.

Wesker loves to reset. So always be ready to tech an air throw. Wesker gains so much milage off of it and its one of his best tools. Learning to tech his throws saves you from a bit more hurt as well. Don’t respect Wesker so much or you’ll open yourself up to his craziness.

Fate’s Recommended assists

Sent drones: Good for keeping Wesker locked down, if he jumps then get ready to air grab.

Frank West Shopping cart: Great assist for keeping Wesker locked down.

Strider Vajra: Godlike assist. Can knock Wesker out of a teleport and you get a free ground bounce if you hit him in the sky.

Dr.Doom Plasma Beam: Another insanely good assist. Can help keep Wesker locked down while your point applies pressure.

Iron man Unibeam: Same as Doom.

Rocket Raccoon Pendulum: Since RR is so small its hard to him and the Pendulum itself covers the whole top of the screen. Keeping Wesker in check

with his teleports. Lest he eat a huge log to the face.

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