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New weekly KPB Column coming soon!

by KPB Roddyness

Greets to our friends, followers & inquirers. This is going to be the first in a (hopefully) weekly series of an editorial written by yours truly about different topics surrounding our beloved Fighting Game Community, and the pros & cons of said topics.

Who am I? Sure I’m new to the scene as far as visibility & competition goes, but I am an avid gamer all around and particularly of a few genres including this one, and I have roots in the community. I’ve been around NYC’s Legendary CF at the end of the 90’s up until the turn of the millennium, witness players that would eventually start the organization known as the acronym “EMP” get their practice on. And I frequented the location of one of the best fighting game venues in The Bronx of that time. Street cred? Got it by the buckets. But at the end of the day I’m just a humble fan of fighting games sharing my opinions with the world.

My first topic this weekend will focus on the Street Fighter X Tekken community and their promotion heavy reality show Cross Assault. With this and every entry I make, I welcome comments, both positive and negative as long as it isn’t a complete troll. Bear in mind that my personal views don’t necessarily affect all of KPB, but I will write in the best interests of the community always. I ask and encourage all congratulaters, debaters, and haters to email me over at and share your minds. (Be sure to include the topic title in your email subject line so I know what the hell y’all yellin’ at me for) And I’ll be sure to enter all inquirers in random chances for free stuff. Especially if you present good questions.

So with that said, I’ll go work on a title for my column and I will see you guys in a day or two. Stay free. 🙂

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