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Namco Bandai Reaches Out To The FGC

by KPB|Roddyness

A week plus into the official (or unofficial, depending on how you obtained it) release of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and it’s not without it’s hype and salt. From tournaments all over the country on nearly every calendar day to recent discoveries of cheap tech like the mystery of DLC & returning character Kunimitsu’s ability to crouch select mid-attacks and Ogre’s wall infinite. However, what stands out to me is Namco/Bandai’s stance on the ever growing discussion on gaming DLC’s.

I’m not one to regurgitate FGC news much. There’s a bazillion websites for that. But I really like this article about the state of Namco’s future DLC practices starting with the current release of TTT2 on their website. Click the image for a good read.

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