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Getting Back Into The Swing Of Things…

Hey there! KPB Fate here! just wanted to talk about my past week in terms of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3. I share a love-hate relationship with this game. Its so much fun and I really enjoy playing it but sometimes it can be so ANNOYING. Since I just came back from a long time of not playing, I decided to get back into the lab and start fresh. I main Nova/Dante/Doom. I’ve spent most of my time playing random online player matches and practicing, perfecting combos in the lab. Today I worked specifically on Dante, one of my best characters. Tomorrow will probably be Nova, another character I really like and I find a blast to play (HE GETS IN THERE! and hits like a grown ass man) I want to improve my mobility with him. Practice landing that amazing overhead he has. Maybe I’ll post this tag combo he has with Doom on my team… and then there is Doom. Probably the one character I have to practice least. I’ve been playing Doom since Vanilla came out but I still want to see what else I can come up with when it comes to this team. In the coming weeks I will be posting my progression. Hopefully I can post videos of combos and whatnot ,and you guys (As well as my group if they can :D) can help me improve them.

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