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Puttin’ In Work: APEX 2013 – Jan. 11-13, New Brunswick, New Jersey

by Roddyness

We’re glad to announce that we will be partnering with APEX 2013 this upcoming January as part of our pledge to the community. KPB will be on hand to help run this tournament as smoothly as possible as well as provide some commentary in the KOF department from yours truly as well as others. This is an exciting undertaking for us given the superb track record this group has. Especially in the Smash community. We want to personally thank Alex Strife and the APEX family for the opportunity to lend a hand in an awesome start of the year even for the FGC. Please click on the APEX hyperlink or photo above to learn more information on this international gathering of FGC stars for one hype weekend to say the least!

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