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FGC Fridays #1 Results

Here are the tournament results for our first FGC Fridays event at Clarkson’s Corner in Scarsdale, NY, co-run with Team Run That Back. These are weekly tournaments so definitely try to make it out and join us week by week to get your game up and fight for glory (and the lion’s share of the pot, that too).


Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition Top 3 Results:
1. BIFU|Insaynne
2. XWaxX|Solid
3. MMS|Native

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Top 3 Results:
1. BT|Marlin Pie
2. BIFU|Insaynne
3. RTB|BlackIce

Also Congratulations to BIFU|Insaynne for winning our 8-man 1v1 tourney for Playstation Battle Royale All-Stars. You sir have received a 20$ PSN Card so enjoy it!

We extend our many thanks to Steve Clarkson of Clarkson’s Corner as well as the whole crew at Run That Back for bracket running and general upkeep with the monitors, as well as the many players who came to watch and battle. Expect these weekly tournies to break through your screens every week on on Fridays at 7. That’s it for today; you can move on to the next stage now. CHA!

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