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It Has Begun…

by KPB|Roddyness

Hey gang. It’s been a while but I have some super sweet announcements to make. First off, starting Thursday February 28th 2013, KPB will team up with local MK community guys VSM every other Thursday night to bring you, the local NYC/LI and surrounding FGC communities the best in Bi-Weekly casuals Live from The Gamer’s Edge in Valley Stream, NY. VSM will handle the Mortal Kombat & Injustice: Gods Among Us side of things while we look forward to providing anything else the community is looking for. We have a penchant for KOFXIII as well as Capcom favorites like AE 2012, UMVC3 & SFXT 2013. We’ll start out with some KOF and Mahvel and take it from there based on patron response. Any questions about this new causal series, hit up myself or KPBPhil995 or the VSM crew on Twitter or click on the image above to join our conversation at the Test Your Might forums.

And last but not least, in light of our new partnership with VSM, this weekend at Winter Brawl ‘13 from Philadelphia, PA we’ll be streaming some SNK classics live from the tournament floor alongside VSM. Look forward to some retro SNK action from KOF 98’, KOF ‘2002, & Garou: MOTW. We might even get a little side tourney going! Look for our Twitch stream to be going on for most of the weekend and please subscribe while your at it. And tell your friends! Also we’ll be back on the 29th for another installment of FGC Fridays! Shouts to our homies RTB!

See you guys this weekend!

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