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MLP: Fighting is Magic Ep. 1: The End to a Beginning


First off, yeah, I have been slacking off on Dark Ages posts. Not like I get complaints on that, just saying that I have. Work, and the finding of it after the temp job, is rough.

It has recently been announced that Mane6 Studios, the team behind My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic, just got hit with Potemkin’s charging punch (that is to say, they got hit with Cease and Desist, my name for Potemkin’s fists) and got hit with massive stagger (citation needed).

It’s unfortunate, because I really do love indie fighting games, even when they are straight broken and garbage tier (like 90% of the fighting games on Newgrounds minus the fighting game with their own characters in it. That shit was the tits). You find value in the tenacity, fortitude, and other big words it takes to the huevos to make a game from scratch, and to also learn overlapping boxes in FlashScript or other coding languages was hard for me back in college for shooting games. Now imagine differing shapes for hurtboxes and hitboxes? Jeez…

But unfortunately, when you channel your talents into an indie fighting game about a licensed product, you have to expect there will be backlash from their owners, no matter how little money you intend to make from it or how heartfelt you are about the subject. The tie jockies in the upper office do not care about how much money you put into the product to get nothing in return, they care that their product is being used without their fingers gripping the entire product. You could seriously make it the most non-profit project ever, like Streets of Rage: Remake, and still get the ban hammer down on you. It is a licensed project, and any attempt to make it without the express consent of the company (this one being Hasbro) will get backlash.

That being said, I do feel the only reason Hasbro even found out that MLP: Fighting is Magic existed is because of the EVO 2012 Donation Drive. Someone upstairs at Hasbro Entertainment saw just three things: MLP, fighting game, $40k. My Little Pony, regardless of the fine job Lauren Faust did with plotting and animating and basically being the most awesome personality in animation ever bar none (love me some Fosters, PPG, and SBFF’s even though that shit is cancelled too!), is a kid’s show, and selling merchandise is what they are going to do. They can’t have a promoted image of their lovable little fillies mule-kicking each other into spin states where real damage can be shown. It’d propagate an entirely different message than what the show intends. Also, they saw that the game can foster money, and they cannot trust that that money isn’t going into the pockets of the developers at Mane6. The FGC as a whole is probably not a trustworthy process to donation purposes, and we won’t change that until the checks get sent this year. When we foster a positive, beneficial, altruistic, positive big words for services outside of propagating our own community, maybe Hasbro wouldn’t of come down at all. You know, unless they put their videos on YouTube for the world to see. At least SORR was smart enough to keep their stuff out of the public eye until they were completely done, and two weeks went by before Sega came in and claimed their copyright material and shut down Bomber Games (why do I know so much about this? Secret).

In closing, Mane6, I hope you guys respect the cease and desist letters and move past this project. Follow Lauren Faust’s tweet, and find an original source for inspiration. I’d gladly volunteer some character concepts that can easily be put into your fighting game system. Or you’ll find another hungry artist on DeviantArt. The talent is out there, put your programmer mind with a designer and you could be the next Skullgirls…unless your team gets straight dropped out of the crib and you are forced to make an entirely new team and that’sanothertopicforanothertimeIhavetogowriteanarticleaboutAggressorsofDarkKombatbeforeRodimusPrimeeatsmeorsomethingkthxbai!

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