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UPDATE! (About time!): Summer Jam Stream, Clarkson’s Corner casuals, Extra Life & More…

By KPB|Roddyness

We are thrilled to announce a few things so be sure to read about it all after the break. First off, Big E. Gaming has allowed us to stream pool matches for KOFXIII this upcoming weekend in Philadelphia, PA. We hope this will appeal to the KOF community and their clamoring for more KOF coverage at Majors. Be sure to subscribe to our Twitch channel so you don’t miss any of the action from some of the Northeast’s best KOF players.

Yea yea, we know. As usual it’s been a while. We’re working on transitioning to a different style of web hosting. (For those that don’t know or stumble onto here from time to time, this site is ran off of Tumblr hosting.) But that’s no excuse, we’re looking to revamp the webpage and provide regular content starting in the fall.

As for content, for the last 2 weeks and counting, we have been hosting casuals over at elite card shop Clarkson’s Corner featuring SSF4AE, UMVC3, Injustice, & more and we are doing our best to make it a regular staple in the Westchester/NYC community. But we need your help, so feel free to stop by every Friday starting at 6PM. Check out the Facebook event page for more info.

Extra Life is on the horizon and we will be looking to you guys, the FGC to help us raise money for Children’s Hospitals this upcoming November. We will stream our fundraising event and make it a blast for all ages. More info to come on how you can help support this wonderful charity and take part in the celebration.

Thanks again to all the friends, fans, and supporters of us. We’re really doing our best to put more work into the FGC and help make it shine. E-Mail us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

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