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Extra Life News and Info

Hey guys, MasterONIon here, to share with you this huge event we are doing over at Clarkson’s Corner. We are doing a charity marathon/tournament for Extra Life, a charity set up to benefit Children’s Miracle Network through marathon gaming. We wanted to go really hard with this, to prove our drive to give a positive light to the East Coast fighting game scene, so we are going full tilt into the world of Marvel! Hit the jump for more info

On November 2nd, we are going to knock out 25 hours ( for that little extra  oomph ) of gaming. Casual stations around us will be live for those who come and participate, while me and my team play Marvel: Ultmate Alliance from beginning to end. At around 4:00, we will have a Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournament with a $500 pot bonus donated by us at KPB. Every portion of the charity event (the marathon and the tournament) are available to watch on stream at your leisure in case you cannot make it to Clarkson’s Corner, but we’d love it if you came to enjoy our first gaming event. There will be food, drinks, and crafts like face painting and beadwork, along with games of all genres as well as card game tutorials!

If you cannot make it, we would love it if you could donate to our cause. All proceeds we make are going to Extra Life, helping our hospital of choice, the Steven and Alexander Children’s Hospital in New Hyde Park, NY. The donation link is here:

4 Grayrock Road, Scarsdale NY
Directions via Public Transportation will be posted.

Kick-Punch-Block! Will be streaming the event at

Signups will be at 3pm. Tournament starts 4pm sharp.
Don’t be late.

This is indeed a Ultimate Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 Tournament.

Rules for UMvC3 
3 out of 5
4 out of 7 Grand Finals
Double Elimination
Loser can change teams between rounds.
Winner must keep same characters, order, and assists.

*Payout Info*

Guaranteed $500 Pot Bonus provided by Team KPB

If less than 32 entrants:
1st Place = $300 + 70% of pot
2nd Place = $150 + 30% of pot
3rd Place = $50

If more than 32 entrants:
1st Place = $275 + 60% of pot
2nd Place = $100 + 25% of pot
3rd Place = $75 + 15% of pot
4th Place = $50

$10 Mandatory Venue fee (Spectators and Players)
$10 Marvel Tournament Entry towards Pot.

A portion of venue will go to the Extra Life Charity drive.


We will start generating Brackets at 4PM SHARP! Please do not call or contact us asking to hold the tournament up for your arrival. Any travel questions please contact us beforehand.

Lets make this an amazing event folks! Halloween Costumes are welcome! See you all there!

Links to our marathon and tournament Facebook events are here: ,
. Feel free to invite yourself and your friends and interact with us for more information, either here or at the event!

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