Protecting K-P-B Skies: Winter Brawl 8 Reflections

Purple_KickPunchBlock_White_1(DISCLAIMER: This is a first in both a new & ongoing series of columns & editorials written by different members of our group, not excluding one of the co-founders of KPB and yours truly, Roddyness. When we’re not delivering content based on our endeavors and success with them, we’ll get deep into the things that make us not only a part of the FGC, but just real people in general. And like any other article written in this fashion, these are the expressed and sometimes personal opinions of the individual writer(s), not of Kick-Punch-Block! as a whole. So if one of us doesn’t like the bat top on your arcade stick, the way your 25-character tag looks on stream, or a legit constructive reason as to why we may have an issue with something within our beloved community, feel free to dispute properly and professionally with said individual and not attack the team with malice or other weapons you find suitable. With that said, enjoy some content from the heart and mind.)

What’s up everyone? If you are reading this after the huge pilot disclaimer then you are one for some good abuse. Just kidding. A solid thanks is definitely in order though. My name is Rodney but better known to the FGC as KPB Roddyness. If you don’t know by now KPB is my brainchild and along with a couple of founding members we created the KPB philosophy back in June of 2011. And for those who don’t know what KPB even is then it’s more of a reason for you to visit this site regularly. But that’s another article for another time. I want to get into the events of this past weekend.

Being a bittersweet time for the team, I first want to start out by showing some love and sending prayers to one of our comrades-in-arms, Rafael A.K.A KPB Kakurot. He has lost his loving & great father just a few days prior and I just want to say on behalf of the team that we love him and his family and wish them the absolute best over these difficult days. We know he wanted to be with us but he made a judgment call and opted to be besides his dad before his passing the morning of Winter Brawl. His entire family is a class act and we wish nothing but the best for them always. We love you, Kakurot.

On to Winter Brawl 8. As a whole, Big E. & company set the bar again. Everything ran smoothly on the tournament end (with our help as well) and we are thankful for being allowed to stream more content this time around, handing KOF top 8 as well as pools from different games of the Anime genre including Persona 4, Guilty Gear AC+ & BlazBlue: CP. Shoutouts to Alan and Team St1ckbug for their help and support. I want to personally support & reach out to the Anime Community by playing more of their games and we’re looking into hosting an anime event this spring. So stay tuned for that.

KPB really stepped up their performance this weekend with three top 8 finishes and two in top 4. A group of young & hungry Marvel guys I like to call the KPB Wolfpack held it down in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Roll call includes team newcomers Treblig-Punisher, Randomfiend, Cosmos, Scamby, Taz & young prodigy Gerry. They made a lot of noise in top 32 with Randomfiend edging out MarlinPie for the final spot on loser’s side. Cosmos entertained the crowd with his Morridoom team featuring Strider in the backcourt while Punisher made heads turn with his unique team of Hawkeye, Iron Fist & Rocket Racoon, keeping the Guardian of the Galaxy member at anchor while switching the other two depending on the matchup. Unfortunately, they both fell short of finals day with Pun eliminated by east coast favorite & Maryland’s own Xanadu|DJ Huoshen while Cosmo had to deal with the zany EMP|Crazy Joe in a test of who's the better Strider anchor. However the trio of Pun, Cosmo & Random dedicated their team name to fellow teammate Sean Aquino who was celebrating his birthday this week which didn’t allow him time to compete at WB8, but did give him the opportunity to attend and support his comrades. They went on an impressive run in the UMVC3 Team Tournament as Team KPB Happy Birthday Sean A. Sweeping Team Philly who were monsters in their own right, having eliminated Justin Wong’s team the night before in pool action and only losing to Team CTRL twice in Grand Finals after a hard fought top 8 battle that gave Team CTRL their only loss.

And the best news goes to the exceptional play of KPB Dreamcrusher. The Saberwulf master from Brooklyn, NY had his best Killer Instinct run to date, finishing in 3rd place behind EG’s Justin Wong also using Saberwulf, and RG.MCZ’s Rico Suave, running Chief Thunder. Before his epic battle with JWong went down, he had to take on his EG brethren Floe and his crafty Sadira. Then what took place after was a series of hype top 3 matches to determine WB8’s King of KI. Eugene’s defeats did not go unearned as both his matches came down to the wire. Dreamcrusher is far from over and he plans to get redemption at the upcoming ECT 6 at The Meadowlands in East Rutherford, NJ. Great job to Eugene!

Whelp, there you have it. You just read the first installment of Protecting K-P-B Skies. I plan to release these once a month so feel free to contact me to tell me you like them, suggest topics I should touch on, or tell me I suck. Either way, any feedback is better than no feedback. ‘Till next time, get intercepted!

(Rodney Reid is the co-founder of Kick-Punch-Block! You can reach him via twitter [@kpbroddyness] or email:

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