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We're Kick-Punch-Block, otherwise known as KPB!

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Winter Brawl 2014 Stream Lineup (Hail To The Otakus!)

Streaming KOF & Assorted Anime Games!

Streaming KOF & Assorted Anime Games!

The awesome crew over at Big E. Gaming has invited us back to their tournament series to cover not only King Of Fighters XIII on stream, but a slew of FGC hits from the Anime genre including Persona 4, BlazBlue: CP, & Guilty Gear: AC+R.

1780691_10202862786791933_939639288_nBe sure to subscribe to the Kick-Punch-Block! Twitch channel and don't miss any of the action! And we can definitely use some color commentary for these awesome games so leave a comment if you have any suggestions!



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