The Dynamek Perspective: Baby, we need to talk…

All-Characters-Street-FighterDear Capcom,

By the time you read this, I will already be gone. I'm not really one for dramatic goodbyes, but I feel the time has come for us to part ways. As much as I would love to say something sappy & cliche like "It's not you, it's me...", I would only be lying to you. For what it's worth, I feel you deserve better than that. This won't be easy, but allow me to explain how I came to this decision.

I still remember when we first met. I wasn't even in double digits yet, but I'll never forget that day at the movie theater: My mother was leading me along by the hand and while she was waiting to grab our tickets, I saw you. I was just barely tall enough to look you in the eyes, but you still stared back & smiled at me. I wanted to say something, but the movie was going to start soon. Even when I came back out, you were still there. I know you wasn't waiting for me in particular, but just getting that second look at you made my day. It would be a few weeks before I got to see you again, but I finally got the chance to talk to you... Man, I knew something special was beginning between us.

Pretty soon, you started introducing me to your friends and while they were all interesting in their own way, you were still my favorite. If I'm not mistaken, one of your girls was a little bit of a troublemaker, but she was still cool. A few of them were kinda weird & some were noticeably copycats, but I still remember all the fun we had once I was able to introduce you and your friends to my crew. I'll admit, things were kinda awkward at first, but we eventually all started to get along real well.

When I turned 10, you started showing me some new tricks. Our circle even started to grow, too. Whenever we would meet, more of your friends would come out & I would bring more of mine. A few of my guys would chicken out, but that was their problem. Not mine... not ours. The next few years were good to us and I'll openly admit, you started looking REAL good to me. A couple of your friends started to catch my eye, too, but you were still my favorite.

Then along came 1997. Baby, you stepped your game up & in a BIG way. Maybe it was timing, maybe it was hormones, but I still remember the day you talked me into kissing you -AND- one of your friends at the same time. I don't think I ever wanted to spend more time with someone than I did with you that year. Until 1998, of course. I know you might feel some kind of way with me putting this out there, but that year was the first time I ever really 'touched' you. Sure, we would hug up & goof off back in the early days, but... that year, we got intimate. We connected like we never had before and from that moment on, things would never be the same. By the time everybody was partying like that damn Prince song, me & you had already done the proverbial "triple tango". However, I was straight-up floored when you brought that one chick into the mix because, from what everyone was saying, I thought you two hated each other. The only thing more amazing than that was when you said you wanted to do it again. Unfortunately, this was where things started going wrong...

After that, I saw you less & less. Sure, I'd get a message from you every now and then, but it was a few years before I even got to actually see you again. And even that was only because your friend called me over. Admittedly, it was fun being with you two again, but this time felt... different. Something was just missing. After that, you called me to come out one night. I'm sorry, but you just looked a hot mess when I got there. Then the silence again. Nothing but quick messages, saying the same things you told me when we were kids. While there's nothing wrong with reminiscing, we were both too old to be rehashing things like that.

It would be four whole years before you crossed my path again. You even tried to talk me into a little group action with one of your new friends, but I just wasn't interested at that point anymore. When you finally came to me direct, you had cleaned up a little bit, but I couldn't help but notice that you were clipping a little bit of this new style from your old friend. You spent the next two years trying to get my attention with same old schtick, but it was just wasn't working for me anymore. Eventually, you offered another threesome and while the other chick was pretty, she was shallow. I didn't even need to talk to the both of you for more than an hour to realize I wasn't interested. The year after that, you brought in one of your friends that you KNEW I had had my eyes on for a while, but even that turned out to be a bust because you were just flat out lying to me. I wanted to believe you thought higher of me than that, but I was mistaken.

Then, after damn near two years of no contact, you hit me up over the weekend and said you had something important to tell me. Originally, I had every intention of brushing you off, but I hesitated once I got to thinking about our history together. You may not have always treated me with respect, but I can't deny the fact that you were my first. At the very least, I owed you that much. Even though a few relatively mutual acquaintences & your family said it wouldn't be worth my time, I did it anyway. I hit you up on Sunday and asked where you wanted to meet, but you insisted that I come to you. Again, against my better judgment, I played along. When I finally got there -- surprise, surprise -- I had to wait until you were ready. And so, I waited.

A few hours later, you were finally ready to talk. As much as I want to say what you had to tell me was important, I'd be lying. Here I was (again) dancing to your tune and you playing me like a fiddle (again). After all that build up, you ultimately weren't saying anything new. What hurts the most, though, is that I think you thought what you had to say was going to somehow change my mind. Suffice it to say, it did not. If anything, it just proved to me that whatever we had in the beginning is now dead & gone. And while I'm sure the thought of you might pop up from time to time, nothing will ever be like it was back then.

I'm sorry, Capcom, but it's over between us. I know for a fact that there are people out in the world who still care for you deeply... I just can't be one of them anymore.

KPB|Aphro Dynamek

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