KPB Character Battle: Chang Koehan VS T. Hawk

Hello again, my FGC brothers & sisters. Aphro Dynamek here, bringing you what I hope to make a regular staple here at KPB: Character Battles! Alright, now before we get into this, I want to make it clear right now that these will not be "Who would win in a fight" kinda battles... those simply do not entertain me anymore & they've been done to death. No, KPB's Character Battles are gonna try to make things interesting by asking the kind of questions that simply do not get asked. Some will be funny, some will make you think, but rest assured that ALL will be entertaining. So, without further ado, let's get this going!

Chang vs T-Hawk

As you can see from the title & pic provided up there, our first battle is between KOF's own giant, Chang Koehan, and Street Fighter's Mesoamerican Indian windmill, T. Hawk. If these two were to stand on each other's shoulders, it would give you exactly 15 feet of fighter to handle. Naturally, with such monolithic height to behold, this Character Battle is going to be a dunk contest!

Now, obviously, there's a lot to take into account with this idea. One one hand, T. Hawk is the taller fighter standing at a daunting 7' 7"; on the other, Chang is easily/obviously the heavier fighter clocking in at an astounding 675 lbs. When comparing the movesets, T. Hawk has the immediate advantage with his Tomahawk Buster, Condor Spire/Dive & Mexican Typhoon. Chang, however, only has the Sommersault Stomp & Pressure of Death. Keep in mind, though, we're talking about dunking here and while T. Hawk has a lot of midair mobility, his Mexican Typhoon is only off the vertical. Anyone that's ever 'handled the rock' before KNOWS that a good dunk has some high-flying hangtime on it and that, my friends, is where the Big CK shines. The SDM version of his Pressure of Death has him run a few steps then sends him soaring through the air like an enormous, morbidly obese Michael Jordan.

The most important things to remember here are the law of inertia (an object in motion tends to stay in motion) and mass-energy equivalence (the famous E=mc2). So, not unlike our good friend Cain Marko, there isn't much that's going to stand a chane of stopping Chang once he gets some forward momentum behind all that mass. Now don't get me wrong, T. Hawk would be good for a layup or an alley oop, but the Big Bad Korean is the one that'll make the highlight reel by breaking the backboard.

Winner: Chang Koehan

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