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Protecting K-P-B Skies: We’re Only Human, Why o’ why, Capcom?, & more…

We know you guys in the Anime community are watching, and we dropped the ball. Sorta.

We know you guys in the Anime community are watching, and we dropped the ball. Sorta.

(Disclaiming stuff: You know how this works. I speak, you don't like, shoot me. Not my team. KTHXBAI.)

We're Only Human

Salutations, FGC warriors. Big boss is back with another entry in the life of KPB. Like any other humans (or group of) that exists on this place we call Earth, we're not in any situation nor will we ever come off, pretend, or attempt to be, perfect. That being said I want to extend a sincere apology on behalf of our team to our Air Dashing fans and viewers who were not able to view our pool coverage at Winter Brawl 8 of Persona, Guilty Gear & BlazBlue CP. While we feel this is a responsibility on our end, things did not go in our favor during this situation. One part of it is that we are not partners of Twitch TV mostly due to the fact that we do not stream enough regular content. We don't stream enough regular content because frankly, we are a group of individuals that have very active & involved lives that at times affect our ability to give to the FGC and our competitive careers. It is our love for the FGC that keeps us involved more than anything else, but being advocates of this community requires time. We do have locally recorded files but not enough manpower and tech to make the proper editing at this time. Back to Twitch, inexplicably some of our recordings did not archive onto their site including most of the WB8 footage. And as my teammate Stephen can attest to, that day in general wasn't kind to Twitch users who aren't partners. Between that, flickering 4G LTE connections, sudden video issues that left us with a performance undesired, and lacking a dedicated video editor on our team, yes we fumbled.

We just ask that you, the people of our community continue to be patient and a thank you is in store to those who already have. We still have raw VLC files of the event that we will sit down and go through at our earliest convenience. And we will do something for you Air Dashers in the coming weeks so stay tuned.

You could have put in a little more elbow grease on this one, Capcom.

You could have put in a little more elbow grease on this one, Capcom.

Why o' why, Capcom?

Act like you don't know what this is about. C'mon son. Decapre? I don't have a problem with the character herself. But she's a visual Cammy. Let's be honest. I'm sure by now there are a thousand opposing views on the subject. Two of them I invite you to read at your own leisure from our in-house writers Aphro & Master ONIon respectively. But just to at my 2 cents into the equation, if you've been aroung Fighting Games as long as I have, the good folks over at Capcom spare no expense at sparing little expense. (Annd, laugh!) They're notorious for shaving a 10 dollar project down to a 2 dollar project and still sell it for 40, not passing the savings onto the loyal consumer. But I promise not to rant. Seriously, I'm done. Take my money, you got me, I'm bodied. There isn't another game that's fun in my opinion when it comes to terrorizing opponents with big bodies. I hear you calling, Hugo.

(From left to right) Myself, EMP Persia & Prog of the Smash community discussing the state of the FGC in NYC.

(From left to right) Myself, EMP Persia & Prog of the Smash community discussing the state of the FGC in NYC.

Different Games Panel

I had the pleasant opportunity to be a part of this awesome event this past weekend dealing with the Gaming Community at large. The Different Games Conference showcased industry up & comers as well as provided insightful discussion on various gaming topics. Selected by proxy to represent KPB in the conference due to or beloved teammate and KI pro Dreamcrusher not being able to attend due to conflicts of interest, I stepped in and gave my own unique experience of life in NYC as a member of the FGC. Click on the above image for a short article about this discussion and i'll link more medi links as they become available. Shouts to Simon Ferrari, NYU Polytechnic, Persia & Prog for allowing me to participate in this event and make a contribution to this awesome event.

KPB Presents: The Banhammer UMVC3 Tournament

This upcoming Saturday, April 19th, our team will commence with the first Banhammer tournament series over atClarkson's Corner in Scarsdale, NY. The name of our event stems from the fact that we have banned players who have competed in majors and placed in the top 16 over the past year. UMVC3 is the game and some cash and venue to East Coast Throwdown 6 is on the line to the winner(s). More information and some discussion can be found here.

That's all for now. I'll hit you guys back up with some more in a month or so. Until then, skies protected.

(Rodney Reid is the co-founder of Kick-Punch-Block! You can reach him via twitter [@kpbroddyness] or email:

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