The Malloy List – April 2014

Hello once more, my FGC brothers & sisters! Aphro Dynamek here again in my ongoing quest to keep things interesting for all those moments when we're not waist deep in battle, be it online or in person. Before we get started, I just wanna ask if you were tuned in for BANHAMMER? Well, I was there & I'm here to tell you that it was awesome. A lotta good matches, some surprising rage quits and an overall damn good time made KPB's first tourney something truly memorable. But enough reminiscing for now... just know that I am personally looking forward to the next one.

In the spirit of BANHAMMER!, though, today begins my contribution to the FGC as a whole. Know what? That's not entirely true. What I intend to start here today could actually help the industry itself by shedding light on a few things. Today, I start "The Malloy List". Before we get into that, there are a few things I need to clarify.

How many of you are familiar with this scene? If you're not, don't worry, just know that we have ALL heard that famous line ("I could have been a contender!") at some point or another. So you know, that's the iconic Marlon Brando scene from the 1954 crime drama, "On the Waterfront". In this classic, Brando plays Terry Malloy, a promising boxer whose forced to throw a major fight. There's a LOT more going on in this flick, but I'm focusing on Terry here. The Malloy List is going to document characters from all over fiction (books, comics, anime, games, movies, etc.) that deserve a little consideration when it comes to who should fill out the roster for a fighting game. All the characters you see on this list have, in this gamer's humble opinion, the 'chops' to make an impact. But where, oh where, should we start? I'll tell you where we start...

THE Maverick

Right here!

It blows my mind that Sigma hasn't been in a fighting game yet. Honestly, I was kind of expecting him to be in MVC2 along with X & Zero. Alas, we got *sigh* Tron Bonne and Servbot. Far be it from me to question any of Capcom's decisions, but Sigma's omission from MVC 2 & 3 has always bothered me. Honestly, why put in Zero and leave out Sigma? You've already put in a number of other characters & their respective foils (Ryu/Akuma, Chris/Wesker, Jill/Nemesis, Dante/Vergil, Arthur/Firebrand), so why the hell skimp on Zero's antithesis?

I digress. Now, given how many appearences Sigma has made/had over the years, something tells me you might be curious as to why I'm focusing on X4's version. Well, that's simple: X4 Sigma is the most important incarnation of the character. It's this version of Sigma that reveals the truth about Zero. (Granted, this scene from Bass' ending in "Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters" was the first hinted appearence of Zero's origins and predates Mega Man X4 by a whole year, but let's be perfectly honest... next to no one played that game.) Furthermore, through his usual schemes & treachery, Sigma actually managed to impact some fairly massive social change. Remember, the primary plot of MMX4 centers around the Repliforce's movement to declare its independence from human society. That movement would have never come to pass if Sigma hadn't been secretly meeting with the General and also plotting with Double to sabotage things from within the Hunters' ranks. Not to mention, all his devious machinations led to Zero having to kill Iris. Simply put, X4 Sigma is a villain's villain.

On a functional level, Sigma has a lot of tools at his disposal. Beam scythe, laser eyes & detachable bladed boomerangs all open up some interesting combat possibilities... and that's just his general form. Overall, Sigma has all the necessary attitude and more than enough in his arsenal to be a serious contender in any fighting game. Personally, to touch on the sentiment from earlier, I would have wanted to see him in Marvel because of the relationship to Zero and because I think UMVC3's graphics would really do his design justice.

Keep fighting the good fight, my friends...

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