KPB Character Battle: Nina Williams VS Jun Kazama

Alright, now we're talking! I hope you wonderful people out there in FGC Land enjoyed my first full month as a writer for Kick-Punch-Block because I sure as hell did. Since Mother's Day is next week, I am going to be focusing on mothers in gaming for most of this month... starting with our Character Battle, after the jump!

However, there's one small problem with that idea... there really aren't a lot of mothers in fighting games. Truth be told, the only relevant game that has enough female characters to even make this month's Battle interesting is Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Furthermore, the only reason that game qualifies is because its canon spans roughly 20-25 years or so. That's plenty of time for any lady to start a family and our two combatants this month did just that, albeit in insanely different ways. That's right, boys & girls... this month's Character Battle is a duel of the hot moms!

Moms I'd Like to Fight

Moms I'd Like to Fight

Tekken's own Nina Williams & Jun Kazama will be our lovely contestants today. Now, for anyone who is unaware, allow me to clarify the relationships here. The ruthless & deadly Nina was cryogenically frozen after the events of Tekken 2. She spent 15 years on ice and during that time, she was impregnated & ultimately gave birth to Steve Fox. Unfortunately, their relationship is pretty much nonexistent. Hell, she almost killed him once! However, in her defense, she didn't know that he was her son at the time. On the other side of the proverbial ring, we have the lovely Jun. Her son is none other than the ever-conflicted Jin. For a number of reasons, Jun is almost a polar opposite to Nina. Aside from not being a contract killer (she's actually a wildlife protection officer), Jun actually played a huge role in her son's upbringing. She raised him on her own, which is something that I can personally respect because I've known a number of single mothers, and trained him in her family's style. Even after her alleged death at the hands of Ancient Ogre (alleged because she is officially listed as "missing"), she was still capable of having a benign influence on her impetuous son.

So now that we know how they rank as mothers, the question remains: Who is the hotter mom? Since such a question is ultimately subjective, it falls on the preference of the person asking... and that's me. So, in my humble opinion, I lean towards Jun. I'm basing this decision on the single merit of who is more dangerous because I admittedly have a thing for women who could kick my ass (here's looking at you, Jenny). Now I know what you might be thinking since Nina is paid to kill people & Jun is simply a paperpusher, why would I chose the latter? One word: Unknown. Talk about going from zero to 60 in terms of freaky. Sure, Nina could pull a knife on me or put a few slugs in my gut while we're in bed, but she can't summon dark matter to crush me out of existence. On a scale of 1 to 10 regarding danger, that's an easy 11! The threat factor is WAAYYY up there with Jun and it is, frankly, on a whole other level.

WINNER: Jun Kazama

(Disclaimer: I know that Michelle Chang could have easily made this a Triple Threat Match, but I chose to exclude her from this Character Battle becuase even though she did raise her from infancy, her daughter Julia -- aka Jaycee -- is adopted. While there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it disqualifies her because she didn't give birth and therefore didn't have to worry about getting her figure back. No risk, no reward, no KPB Character Battle glory.)

(Editor Notes: There was more potential for crossover battles that I feel our esteemed writer, Aphro, missed on this particular matchup. For one, I would of rather seen him deliberate a fair fight, one between Crimson Viper and Nina Williams. A fair amount of gadgetry exists between the both of them, using what we know from Super Street Fighter IV and Death by Degrees. Trained agents and assassins, all with their own children as well. And no superhuman slapbacks (another personal favorite of mine when I play Unknown) Jun does have an edge in the matchup against Nina, being that her fighting style allows her to counter attack throws and limbs easily with two of her stances, but if you give Nina a shot to do some damage, you'll never get the controls back. But still, the strength of the gusher strikes (I call them gushercuts) is hard for Nina to get over in a realistic setting. I agree with Aphro on this one. ~ MasterOnion)

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