The Dynamek Perspective: A Necessary Absence

Welcome back, my FGC family. Aphro Dynamek here again to wrap our month-long focus on mothers. Now, as you've noticed, there happens to be a void when it comes to moms in fighting games. After the jump, I think I might have an idea as to why...

As I've mentioned before, there really aren't too many mothers filling out the FG rosters. Sure, we'll have love interests, sisters, daughters and even a few cousins join in on the action, but moms are noticeably absent from this particular landscape. Now, it's only my opinion, but I think the reason for that is because, well... the idea makes us uncomfortable. For the record, I'm am vehemently opposed to the idea of violence against women. On a very personal level, it bothers me & I have NO TOLERANCE WHATSOEVER for anyone who seeks to justify it. But that's just me & I can only speak for myself.

However, I'm sure you can understand why that train of thought might seem contradictory. The type of violence against women that I despise is abuse, not combat. It's that very reason we see so many strong women in fighting games: Fanservice and eye candy notwithstanding, ALL of these women practically defy the concept of being victimized and Heaven help anyone who pisses them off.

Go ahead & try telling any of them "who's the  boss"... I f***ing dare you!

Go ahead & try telling any of them "who's boss"... I f***ing dare you!

So we've established that any lady who finds herself on the character roster of a fighting game has to have the mettle to throw down, but that still doesn't answer the question as to why there are so few mothers. Over the last few weeks, I've made it abundantly clear that one company seems to have the market cornered on mothers. That being said, if I'm allowed to mix ideas for a hot second, I'd like to nominate one of Namco's resident females to be the next mom in gaming.


First person to say "16 & Pregnant" gets bodied...

Although she's young (only 15), Soulcalibur's Talim would be a wonderful mother. Aside from being a genuinely decent human being, Talim is sweet, generous, forgiving & selfless. Last I checked, those were all top shelf qualities that a mother should have when it comes to raising a child. However, the real value of her character is on display when you see how she reacts to the other characters within the game. In fact, I would even go so far as to say that she's done more good throughout the entire series than anyone else.

Don't believe me? Alright, then ask yourself something: Does anyone remember Necrid? He was a console exclusive character for Soul Calibur 2. All things considered, he was actually a pretty decent addition to the roster. Noticed how he hasn't made any more appearences in the SC series? Well, the theory is that he's no longer around because Talim 'released' him from his curse. Still not convinced? Then consider what she did for Algol. Instead of fighting him just to reach her own ends, she brought his son back to life. That's right, forsaking any quests to gain ultimate power or revenge, Talim actually -helped- the Hero King. Let that marinate for a second...

Anybody would be lucky to have someone like Talim for a mother. It's people like her that make the world a better place. Not because of how she looks or how strong she is, but through the quality of her character. So while there may not be a whole lotta moms on the FG battlefield, at least we know that there are some decent maternal material candidates out there.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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