The Malloy List – May 2014

Hello again, one & all. Aphro Dynamek here with the newest addition to the Malloy List. As I'm sure you've all noticed, the ongoing theme this month is "mothers" and as such, our selection today practically defines the word to a level no one else before her could & anyone else after her will. Find out who this ultimate matriarch is after the jump...

As I mentioned before, there aren't that many mothers to choose from in fighting games. Namco seems to have the monopoly going when it comes to moms. However, that's the beauty of the Malloy List: we look in every direction possible to find characters who could most assuredly throw down, but just haven't yet been given the chance to put their boots to a few asses. So now, the usual question stands... which gaming -mother- could hold her own in a fight? Well, my FGC brothers & sisters, I am glad you asked.

"It's the overcoat... everyone loves the overcoat."

"It's the overcoat... everyone loves the overcoat."

For all of you out there who don't recognize this woman without seeing her scar, that is The Boss from Hideo Kojima's "Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater". She's also known as "The Joy", but to those that truly know her, she can only ever be addressed by the one name. Now, I could go on & on for hours about both the levels of importance and involvement she has within the Metal Gear canon, but I'm omly going to focus on the merits that qualified her for entry onto the Malloy ListFirst & foremost, The Boss is the mother of Adamska (aka Revolver Ocelot), the son she had with The Sorrow. The c-section that was used to actually deliver Ocelot -- due to her being shot in the gut whilst pregnant -- is how she got that legendary snake shaped scar in the first place. Mother & son were tragically separated not too long after his birth by the Philosophers, a shadow cabal of the wealthiest & most influential of the Big Three Nations (USA, Russia & China). So there's the biological requirement, but trust me... the essence of her title as 'mother' goes MUCH deeper.

The Boss' military career got kicked into overdrive when she formed the Cobra Unit, a collection of superhuman soldiers with some 'unique' talents. Each member of the Cobras looked up to The Boss as (you guessed it) a motherly figure. At times, they were even called "Sons of the Boss". On top of that, along with a young man named Jack, she developed & perfected a fighting style known as CQC (Close Quarters Combat). If you've ever played a Metal Gear game and choked someone out/snapped their neck, then congratulations... you just CQC'ed their ass. Along with a laundry list of other achievements, this led to The Boss being dubbed (begin noticing a pattern right... here) "The Mother of Special Forces".

This is one dance you do -NOT- want to cut in on, trust me.

This is one dance you do -NOT- want to cut in on, trust me.

So now that we've firmly established just how much of an EXTRAORDINARY badass The Boss is, we still need to assign her to a fighting game. Given her no-nonsense, straightforward attitude and the level of technical precision that CQC requires to be effective, I can easily imagine The Boss kicking wholesale ass in Virtua Fighter. Obviously, she would be a rushdown character with a pretty strong countering mechanic and a downright scary mixup game. Suffice it to say, she'd be one tough mutha'.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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  1. LabratMTK
    An illuminating write up by a talented author. Delving into back stories and the imaginative possibilities of the characters offers up fresh perspectives on the games, and also begs one to revisit some old favorites.
  2. Gloria
    Very interesting reading....keep up the good work Aphro Dynamek.

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