KPB Character Battle: Cyclops VS Superman

Hello again, all my fellow FGC faithful. Aphro Dynamek here, coming at you with another outside-the-box showdown! Today, we're putting two heroes at odds that are usually never mentioned in the same sentence... until now, that is. After the jump, find out how this one plays out... 

Now, the contestants for this month are no secret because you obviously already read the title. However, I'm sure the question must be on your mind: "How the hell could Cyclops -EVER- go against Superman?" Well, head-to-head combat between these two would be a joke and I'm fairly sure that's obvious, but (for everyone that's read this column before) y'all know that ain't how we do things here. So what possible contest could be anywhere near fair with these two? Ladies & gentlemen, prepare to enjoy a Super Powered Staring Contest!

Remember: The eyes are the window to the soul...

Remember: The eyes are the window to the soul... and, apparently, their souls are pretty much always on fire.

Boyscout to boyscout, team leader to team leader, these two set the example for their respective squads. Scott Summers is the field commander for the legendary X-Men. Although the badboy/antihero thing has risen to prominence over the years, Cyke has always been the proverbial 'good guy'. Considering some of the hell he's seen over his years, to maintain that unwavering sense of moral resolve is pretty damn impressive. As for Kal-El/Clark Kent... well, what can we say about him that hasn't already been said a million times over? Aside from being a founder & leading member of the Justice League, he's pretty much the freaking standard by which all other heroes (both in & out of comics) are measured.

So now that we know the players, let's get down to brass tax: If these two went eye-to-eye (pun fully intended) with the optic blasts & heat vision, who would be the last hero standing? Well, this is going to shock a lot, if not all of you, but Cyclops actually holds the advantage here. You see, even though Superman is pretty much always going to be as strong as he ever needs to be, his heat vision has a very particular flaw: it drains him. Supes' Kryptonian cellular structure makes him a living solar battery and, by practical definition, ALL batteries drain. To make matters worse, his heat vision drains his power faster than any other ability because it's drawing directly from his reserves of solar energy. In other words, it's an exhaustible resource. On the other hand, Cyclops' optic blasts can only be stopped by either his own eyelids (don't ask me how) or his fancy ruby-quartz shades/visor. It's an entirely involuntary action & they continuously emanate from his eyes. Simply put, they... never... stop.

Putting all of this information into perspective, this is damn near no contest now. Even if it started at high noon with the sun beating right down on him, Superman's proverbial battery would eventually run out of juice while Cyclops, more or less, kicks his feet up and pours it on without even breaking a sweat. Neither of them would resort to anything underhanded, so the threat of Superman using any of his other myriad powers to tip the scales in his favor isn't a concern. Furthermore, we all know these two wouldn't use lethal force against someone who isn't a threat, so no one would needlessly die. At the end of it all, the two shake hands and ol' Scotty walks away with bragging rights.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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