The Malloy List – June 2014

Hello, one & all... and a Happy Father's Day to every member of the FGC that can rightfully claim the title. We got a double-header for this month's entry to the Malloy List. Read on after the jump to find out who makes the cut...

As I said before, this month's entry is a two-for-one deal. Now, over the years, there has been no shortage of dynamic duos throughout the whole of gaming history. However, one in particular has ALWAYS gone overlooked and it bothers me on a personal level. These two have been present from pretty much the damn beginning, yet they haven't gotten any level of spotlight. They've simply been relegated to the background. Well, my FGC brothers & sisters, that changes today...

Here they are, acting as the parentheses for Billy & Geese's swag.

Here they are, acting as the parentheses for Billy & Geese's monumental swag.

Ripper & Hopper have been the bodyguards of Southtown's Geese Howard since before the first Fatal Fury. In practically every iteration of the FF canon, these two have always been within an arm's reach of Geese. Hell, they've even been popping up in backgrounds since King of Fighters '96! That being said, I pose the following question to you all:

Why in the fresh hell have they not been put on a character roster yet?!

Hell, even Hwa Jai, Raiden, Duck King & Tung Fu Rue have made into different installments of the later KoF series! On top of that, each & every one of them were in the very FIRST Fatal Fury game! They all got in on the action, so what was to stop R&H from having a little fun? It's not like they don't have something to bring to the table. For love the of Orochi, they are Geese Howard's... personal... bodyguards! You think a couple of pushovers could get that kind of job? HELL NO! (Before you say anything, I'm fully aware that they were the poor bastards that got stomped by Ryuji Yamazaki during the intro to Fatal Fury 3, but I'm not going to fault them for that simply because Yamazaki is an unhinged, bloodthirsty, homicidal maniac.) Furthermore, it's not as if they're blank slates in terms of combat. Ripper (the bald one) has an inclination towards knives, while Hopper (the other one) leans more towards firearms. There's more than enough to work with here in terms of fashioning a moveset for each of them.

So what game could these two fit in comfortably? Well, truth be told, my vote is split between KOF XI & NeoGeo Battle Coliseum. I chose the former because I can see the Quick Shift mechanic fitting them quite nicely. Watching these two jump in & out of combos with Geese would be a dream come true for me. On the other hand, the latter has the Dual Assault attack going for it. While the combat may feel a little stiff, I am positive they'd put on a good show for their Dual Assualt. But alas, these two haven't been seen in a game (at all) since NGBC, so this particular dream may already be dead.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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