The Malloy List – July 2014

Hello again, all my FGC brothers & sisters... how the hell are you? It's time to add another name to the Malloy List. There's no shortage of worthy names to add, but this month's selection is colorful. After the jump, find out who's joing the ranks...

Before we get started, I need to make note of something: this week's article is dedicated to my Kick-Punch-Block brother, Jay. He was with us at ECT & recently came back home after a 3-year tour of duty in the Pacific theater. As a showing of both respect & gratitude for what he's done, this entry onto the Malloy List is for him. A grateful friend thanks you, man.

So now that you know the backstory, let's get into the real brass tax here. This month's entry is powerful... I'm talking seriously powerful. How powerful, you ask. So powerful, that he spends a majority of his time separated into five pieces. In case you haven't figured it out yet...


"So help me, I will go FULL Don Cheadle on your ass if you push my buttons!"

That's right, I'm talking about none other than the Ecological Entity himself... Captain Planet! Yeah, that's right. I went there. Care to know why? Simple. Once you get past the ridiculous hairstyle, the nigh-Abercrombian attire & the insanely cheesy theme song, you've got a superhero who is so powerful, he is practically a walking deus ex machina. Think about something, he controls the four elements (cannot stress that enough) to any measure that the situation requires. By the way, I already know what you're thinking: "Then why didn't you mention Aang or Korra? They can control the elements and then some!" Know what, you're right. The Avatar State ramps up their elemental powers to the absolute zenith, making them (quite literally) a force of nature. That's all fine & good, but CP -is- nature. Furthermore, he has a decided advantage over the Avatar and it comes from the least likely of places.

Despite controlling the aforementioned four elements, if you were brave enough to endure his theme song, you'll know that a fifth element (sorry about that last link, I honestly could not help myself) completes his summoning. That last element is Heart. Now, while it's never explicitly stated, that represents a combination of telepathy, empathy & quite possibly mind control. (That's like combing Storm, Aquaman, the Human Torch, Avalanche & Professor X all in one... think about that for a minute.) The first two were used freely throughout the series, but the latter was rarely touched upon because it was a kid's show. Aside from a laundry list of superpowers, possibly sitting on the ability to control people's minds on a whim is what makes him such a threat.

So which game would make a decent fit for the Environmental Avenger? That's a no-brainer... he'd be right at home in Injustice: Gods Among Us. I can see him making some pretty snazzy use to the Trait system & I could only imagine how insane his Super Move would be. In all honesty, it makes me wonder how fair his inclusion would really be. Hmm, interesting...

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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