KPB Character Battle: Slayer VS Demitri Maximoff

Damn, does it feel good to be back! Hello again, one & all... your boy Aphro Dynamek has returned. It has indeed been a long time, but I have no intention of letting that absence break my stride. After the jump, we're getting right back into the swing of things with this month's Character Battle...

Now before we get back into the aforementioned swing of things, I want to apologize to you... the readers. The reason we weren't giving you our weekly doses of awesome is because of some technical difficulties that were simply out of our control. Sadly, things don't always go to plan. One day, you're writing an article about an epic armwrestling match and the next... BAM, your website is missing. Anyways, now that that's all been said, let's get this battle going.

Since we're in the month of October and because EVERYONE is going to be harping on the fact that Halloween is coming, I figure focusing on horror would be the best bet for the next few weeks. Nothing beats a good scare and this is the perfect time to keep things creepy. So where to start? Seeing as how they're all the rage these days, I figure start at the top of that particular food chain. This month's Character Battle is a showdown between masters of the night: Vampires!


Shockingly, this will not be a contest of "Most Authentic Romanian Hairstyle".

So we have our contestants, but what's the contest? Well, no sense in making things needlessly complicated, so I simply want to know who's the better vampire. Guilty Gear's Slayer is (quite possibly) the physically strongest character on that very wide roster. He's the original founder of the Assassin's Guild, which employs some of the more colorful fighters in the GG canon (and that's saying something). Also, despite not really being subject to any laws or restrictions (honestly, who's gonna try & govern him?), Slayer is actually very well-versed in the politics going on within the GG world. Since he's countless centuries old, he has a unqiuely weathered perspective on his surroundings. He knows way more than he ever lets on, but isn't above nudging people in the right direction when they searching for answers. On top of all that, Slayer is actually happily married & enjoying his retirement. Safe to say, he's living the undead dream...

On the opposite side of the spectrum, we have Demitri Maximoff from the Darkstalker's saga. One of the things that makes Demitri unique is that, although he is the primary protagonist of his game, he isn't exactly what you would conisder a "nice guy". He sees humans as nothing more than sustenance, with virgin blood being his greatest vice. (I know I've heard that somewhere before.) Hell, the only reason he fights is to ultimately get revenge on the guy who whooped his ass a century ago. Usually, your main characters are a little more virtuous when it comes to revenge, but not ol' D-Max here. It's just one blood feud after another with this guy (pun notably intended).

So now that we know the players a little bit better, the question remains: Who's the better vampire? Now, for those of you who are new to this, I need you to understand that the idea of who could win in a fight doesn't appeal to me. Besides, for all of Demitri's powers & prowess, he has never knocked someone into orbit, so the question of strength doesn't need to be answered here. We're looking at the characteristics of your traditional vampire. On that merit, Demitri is more the 'classic vampire'. I'm looking towards Dracula & Interview with a Vampire for definition since they inspired what the FGC collectively recognizes as vampires.

With those as our basis for what makes a vampire, it becomes obvious that Demitri is far more in sync with the concept of the classical vampire. Understand that aside from a hilarious lack of knowledge regarding decomposition, vampires have always represented a stark antithesis to the status quo of their respective day: Stoker's Dracula renounced his Christian faith shortly after the Night Attack, while Rice's Lestat embraced conceit, impulse & vanity after being turned (hence his title as "the Brat Prince"). As such, it becomes clear that Demitri -- with his brash defiance of protagonist's norms -- is obviously the better conceptual vampire.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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