Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – November 2014

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears. Aphro Dynamek here, back on the scene to provide all the sounds that match your beatdowns. We're slowing the tempo a bit, but that's only because we're dealing with the Man In Black himself. After the jump, let's get this track spinning...

The world weary voice you're hearing right now belongs to the one & only Johnny Cash. There is nothing I can say about this man that the entire music-loving world doesn't already know. Seriously, when you get a highly respected artist to hand over the rights to their song because they feel that your cover of it simply blows the original track out the proverbial water, you're officially an untouchable badass. Oh, and if for whatever reason you weren't aware of this song between February 2010 and right now, I can guarantee you that every wrestling fan you know can tell you exactly where they were the first time they heard it. I'm telling you, when it comes to music, there is just something special about the name "John".

On a more personal note, I happen to love this song because I think it would be just the perfect theme to be played at a funeral, if for no other reason than to send one last cryptic & eerie message to someone's enemies. I digress. So it now falls to me to assign this track to a fighting game character that I feel either embodies the spirit of the song or reflects its message. Never an easy task, but I like to think I've had a fairly decent track record so far. Frankly, this is actually another case where the song & character end up being a match made in Heaven. Well, Heaven might be something of a stretch for my selection this month...

This guy gives Arnold a run for his money with the "Ill be back" line.

This guy even gives Arnold a run for his money with the "I'll be back" line, that's for damn sure.

I outright defy everyone to name somebody who fits this song better than Rugal Bernstein. Talk about ruthless! This bastard has a resumé that reads like "Bad Guy Protocol 101". He's an arms dealer, crime lord, murderer and (incidentally) an art collector. Oh, and by "art", I mean he takes the corpses of any worthy opponent and encases them in metal after defeating them. The only exception who has ever existed to that rule was Heidern. Not because he was deemed worthy to live or anything, but simply due to the fact Rugal saw him as a disappointment. In turn (read: out of spite), Rugal decided to murder his family for what I can only assume was good measure.

As for why I chose him for this song, that's simple... his hobby is resurrection. No joke, either! Follow that link with his name, read his bio and you'll see it for yourself. And the end result of this little hobby, you ask: Omega Rugal, the beast he becomes when the sliver of Orochi power given to him (out of sympathy, mind you) by Goenitz takes control. If you thought Rugal was a vicious SOB on his own, the revived version is easily one of the most overwhelming boss fights in fighting game history. However, in case Omega wasn't enough for you, try God Rugal. That unholy, homicidal, bloodthirsty monsoon is the unexpected hybrid of Rugal's Orochi powers mixing with the Satsui no Hado that he quite literally ripped out of Akuma. At the end of the day, there are few people as coldblooded & resilient as "R" himself.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.


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