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KPB Character Battle: Ayane VS Taki

Hello again, my FGC brothers & sisters. Did everyone enjoy their Halloween because I know I did. I went out as Jason Voorhees, but what was your choice of costume? In any case, I hope you enjoyed the holiday responsibly. After the jump, let's get in on this month's battle... 

So all the cobwebs, pumpkins & spiders have been put away and now the snowflakes, reindeer & Santas are coming out in full force... what happened to Thanksgiving? Hmm, neither here nor there. Today, we're here for some warm, buttery Character Battle goodness. This month, we're gonna get sexy for a bit and ask the age old question: How do you want to die?


I think this might just be the first Character Battle where -everybody- wins...

That's right... it's a Kunoichi showdown between two buxom & beautiful ladies! More to the point, this particular matchup seeks to know the following answer: If given a choice, whose hand would you rather die by? Indeed, something heavy to ponder. I'm looking to ask you all to face your mortality and that's no easy task. However, that's the beauty (pun intended) of a hypothetical question. That being said, let's get to know our combatants for this brisk month of November...

Up first, we have the lovely "cursed child" Ayane. Despite her downright adorable appearance, Ayane has a pretty messed up backstory to her. Being the offspring of a somewhat incestuous rape, she is both the half-sister and cousin to Kasumi & Hayate. As could be imagined, this led to her being outcast by her clan. Oblivious to her true heritage, that didn't stop her from becoming close friends with her sibling-cousins. This bond would put to the test later when she was tasked with hunting Kasumi. Throughout the events of DOA, Ayane has always kept her cool & remained focused on whatever goals she's set for herself. Clearly, Ayane is one of the last people you would ever want setting her malicious intent on you.

Next, we have Taki from the (earlier) Soul series. Unlike her alotted counterpart, Taki is actually an orphan. She was raised by the Fu-Ma Clan and thought the ways of the ninja. However, not unlike her counterpart in this matchup, she was tasked (on her own accord) to hunt down a rogue member of her clan. Her pursuit led to her discovery of the cursed blade, Soul Edge. During her travels & adventures, not only did she pick some invaluable skills, Taki also took on an apprentice. Not bad at all, by any standard...

So now we find ourselves with the unenviable question: Who would you rather be the one who kills you? Generally, no one WANTS to die, but for the sake of both argument & this showdown, we need to find an answer. Personally, if I'm being stared down by the debt all men must pay, I want to at least enjoy myself a little on my way out. With that in mind, this now becomes a matter of who would have more fun doing the deed. For my money, that falls to Ayane. Despite being the smaller fighter (by a small margin), there's one very important thing I've noticed about our combatants this month: Ayane, at the very least, has some sense of levity about her. She isn't serious ALL the time and, far as I could wager, that means that she'd at least let out a giggle when she puts me out of my misery. Not sure about anyone else, but that's somewhat of a relief to me... hearing some form of laughter while I was fading away into sweet nothingness. But again, that's just me.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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