The Malloy List – November 2014

And here we are... the holiday season is soon to be in full swing and the weather's looking to get fierce, but will we let any of that slow us down? This month, we induct a warrior who is far more than just a man. After the jump, it's time to jog your memory... 

This month's entry is, as I said earlier, more than just a man... he's an idea. A renegade whose mission in life became the neverending battle for liberation. Not only of his fellow man, but of the spirit, heart & mind. Folks, I'm talking about guy who has no compunctions whatsoever about sacrificing for the ultimate greater good. A man who, not unlike Kim Kaphwan, lives for justice... and who can also rock a mask like no other.


Remember, remember... all caps when you spell the man's name!

The Man from Room Five... that's right, V himself joins the ranks of the Malloy List! Given both the time of year & the fact that this is my first November with Kick-Punch-Block, I couldn't think of a more apropos addition. Aside from being stylish, V is highly capable in combat. Due to the questionable practices he was subjected to during the Larkhill experimentations, he developed Olympian-level strength, reflexes & intellect as a result, but at the cost of his mind. Furthermore, he is an expert of the highest calibur when it comes to weaponry, firearms and demolition. Simply put, he's got the tools & the talent.

However, more than all that, V has something that makes him stand apart from the usual ranks. He has strength of conviction. Yes, that makes him an extremist, and in every other situation, that would be a monumental conundrum... but we're not looking at politics here. We're looking at what makes a person worthy of battle. V has enough fire in his soul to light up the night sky as if it were the 4th of July & Chinese New Year combined.

So what game would be the best fit for our vicarious vigilante? Given his nature & skill set, he's suitable for a few games... but his sense of flair & style make me think that the world of Skullgirls Encore would benefit the most from his inclusion. That animation style would work wonders with his Guy Fawkes mask & his stye of violence (hand-to-hand combined with knifework -AND- explosives) would be just awesome to watch going up the likes of Valentine & Parasoul.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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