KPB Character Battle: Lobo VS Ghost Rider

Welcome back, everybody! Have you recovered from NEC 15 yet? Yeah, I didn't think so. Anyways, now that all the dust has settled, we can get back into the swing of things around here. There was a quick, little switch up in our regularly scheduled programming here at, but after the jump, I'll explain...

Okay, allow me to clear the air a bit. As everyone knows, Kick-Punch-Block was involved with the events at NEC 15. That being said, the team had to roll out to Philly on Friday and we were there all weekend. Something you may not know is that I usually (but not necessarily always) write my articles on Sunday night so that I can spread them out on social media the following Monday. Also, I like to keep a fairly solid schedule here: KPB Character Battle, Aphro's Asskicking Anthems, the Malloy List & the Dynamek Perspective (with the occasional Special Edition thrown in from time to time). No real rhyme or reason to this, it just helps me keep all my thoughts in order. Anyway, I couldn't devote the usual amount of time I put towards the Character Battle because I didn't get back to my hometown of Yonkers until later that Sunday. Mind you, I had to be up at 5:30a in order to get to work on Monday. So, for the sake of keeping the content here constant, I wrote an Anthems article that Thursday night. That way, whenever I got home on Sunday, all I would have to do was simply publish it & go about my business. I hope no one was thrown off by the impromptu change and, if so... my bad.

Now that that's settled, let's get down to the nitty gritty. This month's Character Battle is to commemorate the farewell to Sons of Anarchy. For the last seven years, this show has been kicking its own healthy share of ass & gained a tremendous following. Easily securing it's place as one of the best shows on television, it would be nigh impossible to deny the impact this saga has had on not only the general viewing audience, but the landscape of entertainment as we know it. That saga of SAMCRO will be remembered for ages to come and, at the very least, KPB looks to salute its sendoff with the only clash that makes any kind of sense: Brawl of Badass Bikers!


I straight up -DEFY- any sleazy mechanic to try & screw either of these guys over on a bill!

C'mon, be honest... you knew damn well this is where I was going with it! Can you honestly blame me, though? These two own whatever path they end up on, so let's have their paths cross right here & now. However, remember: I don't care about who would win in a fight. This Character Battle is to determine who would have been a better choice to become a member of SAMCRO. Frankly, this isn't as clear cut as one would imagine.

First off, we got the Last Czarnian... the Main Man... Lobo! This guy is all-out devastation pretty much wherever he goes. We're talking about a guy who wiped his own species with a science fair project. He's off-the-charts strong, damn near invulerable, bounces back from almost anything & can track anybody throughout the vastness of space. Matter of fact, he's such a badass, that he's banned from the afterlife. I'm going to repeat that because it demands repeating: He's banned from the afterlife. However, don't let his gruff & grizzled exterior fool you. Lobo is a bona fide genius. He wiped out his entire species with a science fair project. Furthermore, he's loyal to a fault. Lobo lives by one rule: He always sticks to his word.

In the opposing corner, we have Johnny Blaze (and ain't a damn thing change)... the Ghost Rider. It almost seems poetic that a biker would make a deal with the Devil, but that is how Brimstone Biker came to be. Although, in truth, the story reaches much further back than could be imagined, but I'm choosing to focus on the more well known parts. Now when it comes to the Spirit of Vengeance, he is also incredibly strong and durable. Furthermore, he has control over Hellfire. On a personal note, Johnny Blaze is an expert stunt cyclist. Johnny, however, tends to be led by his emotions... which is what got him into his situation in the first place.

So which badass would fit in with the ranks of SAMCRO? Well, that's somewhat tricky. You see, invitation to membership depends on the discretion of those in charge. With that in mind, both bikers would have been ideal candidates under the administrations of different club presidents. Lobo, for whom the end usually justifies the means no matter how barbaric, is a man after Clay Morrow's heart. Clay probably would have made him VP in a heartbeat. However, Clay's tenure didn't last to end of the show. That responsibility fell to Jax. In his own words:

"A good father & a good outlaw can't saddle inside the same man."

It's that very mentality that gives Blaze the edge over Lobo. Despite the task he's been burdened with, Ghost Rider is a decent man at his core. As I said earlier, he's led by his emotions... a similarity he shared with Jax. Even when it hurt them the most, both men would do what was right when the times demanded it of them. While he may not be able to raise hell on his hog across the stars like Lobo, Ghost Rider would be a perfect fit among the ranks of SAMCRO.


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