KPB Character Battle: Heidern VS Sagat

Hello, 2015! Welcome back, my FGC brothers & sisters... Aphro Dynamek here again with another throwdown for the ages. Since it's the first month, Sunday & article of the year, I figured focusing on the theme of "one" would be a good start. After the jump, find out who comes up snake eyes...

This month's Character Battle focuses on two of my personal favorites. However, for all of you out there new to this site, there's something important you need to understand before moving forward: these are -NOT- battles in the sense of who would win in a fight. Those simply hold no thrill for me anymore. No, sir/ma'am, we here at Kick-Punch-Block like to do things a little differently. That being said, this month is a contest of functionality... a Clash of the Cyclopes!


How much you wanna bet that somewhere... out there... Scott Summers' ears are burning?

You're in for a treat today, my friends. As I mentioned before, we're pitting two of my favorite fighters from two of the longest running series in FGC history against each other. In one corner, we have KOF's tops brass, Heidern, and in the other... the Emperor of Muay Thai himself, Sagat. Now, despite all the crossovers throughout the years, these two have actually never crossed paths. Be that as it may, they're both members of an outstanding fraternity of one-eyed badasses which includes the likes of Xiahou Dun, Balgus, Auron, Masamune Date & Norman Burg... just to name a few. I mention them not just to name drop but to focus on the fact that all of these men don't let their visual setback hold them back. There, ladies & gentleman, is the focus of this month's contest: Who is more capable with only one eye?

Now, I will openly admit that these two are personal favorites of mine, so I'll try not to gush (too much) over them. Starting at the figurative top (7'4"), we have Sagat. Over the years, he has used his size & strength to impose his will (or the will of his employer) on those that got in his way. In his earlier days, he killed Go Hibiki after he took Sagat's eye & trained an unruly Adon, but was shunned as a mentor upon losing to the Metsu Shoryuken. As a fighter, his sole purpose for becoming stronger was his hatred of Ryu. The infamous scar on his chest is an eternal reminder of his most glaring defeat. Eventually, the desire for attaining greater strength is what led him to abandon Shadaloo. In time, he learned that his obsession was only holding him back. Eventually, he outgrew his grudge & learned that communicating with his fists was of the utmost importance to a true warrior.

Next up, we have Heidern. Here's a guy that has had his nose in it from damn near the very beginning. He was one of the first to learn of Rugal Bernstein's cruelty after having his eyed ripped out -AND- his family murdered. Furthermore, he's one of the few people (along with Takuma) who is acutely aware of what's really going on behind the scenes at most of the KOF tournaments. He is also the superior officer to whom the Ikari Squad report (no easy task with Ralf & Clark on his hands). If he isn't personally participating in the tournament himself, he's closely monitoring everything going on. SImply put, he's an all-around veteran with incredible resources & few equals.

So now that we know a little about the players in this skirmish, the original question stands: Who is the more capable cyclops of these two. Well, as much as it pains me personally to say it, Sagat can't even hold a candle to Heidern on this one. Far as I can tell from his history, Sagat has only ever been a fighter or hired muscle. And while he may be one of the best & most enduring examples of a proud warrior, that's pretty much all he's ever been. On the other hand, Heidern has been a husband, father (both natural and adoptive), soldier & military commander. He's basically SNK's answer to Nick Fury. As much as I idolize the Tiger King, I have to give credit where credit is due.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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