The Dynamek Perspective: Storm on the Horizon

Hello again, my FGC brothers & sisters. I hope you all enjoyed your time at Winter Brawl 9 this weekend, because all of us under the KPB banner sure as hell did! A great many things happened for us over the last few days, so allow me to run it down for you...

Before we begin, I need to make something very clear: Kick-Punch-Block has been a fixture in the FGC for some time now. We are noticeably active on "both sides of the screen", which is to say that we participate in competition and also contribute towards the administrative side of things. We're on both sides of the coin, figuratively speaking. It's what sets us apart from the proverbial pack. We diversify... and that distinction is what led to a monumental weekend for us. As a wise man once said: "There are many paths to the mountaintop, but the view is always the same."

Allow me to start from the beginning. This weekend was the first taste our young brother, KPB|Grimes, was able to enjoy of the tournament scene for USF4. As an online warrior, Grimes has something of a reputation for being an exceptional C. Viper player. In fact, I do believe he's held the title of Number 1 Viper on a few occasions. Being there to watch him absorb so much in such a short time was something of a wonder to me. Reminded me of why I was drawn to these games in the first place, that it did. He ultimately ended up losing earlier than he originally expected, but walking away with the lessons he learned in the process are going to not only prove invaluable in his development, but will sow the seeds of what will make him become an incredible competitor in the future.

Moving forward, the FGC at large got to feel the impact of our newly reformed Marvel team. It was unprecedented to see so many of our brothers in the Top 16. Now for anyone reading this and wondering about the situation between KPB & Cosmos, understand that the split amiable. One monkey doesn't stop the show, folks. Where others are going to see a setback, we're seeing motivation. You'll never run your fastest without something to chase. Now that this branch of KPB is under new leadership, a great fire has arisen in the hearts of these young men that's going to change the landscape  and I, for one, am looking forward to the coming devastation.

On the other side of the coin, KPBLive (our Twitch channel) had its best weekend ever. With the combination of our lineup, the commentary & the devotion of the individual communities for all the games, we were able to reach our largest audience to date. On top of that, the people involved in the stream chat were easily the most incredible crowd I've ever had the joy of hanging out with during a broadcast. On a personal note, yours truly managed to get a little shine of his own for showing support to a community that is, in my humble opinion, one of the most devoted & loyal in FGC history. I'm talking, of course, about Skullgirls. They reached out, we collaborated & it was a success for everyone involved. I even got a shoutout from Mike Z himself and that right there... that made this weekend for me.

However, this weekend wasn't just good for those of us who went to Winter Brawl. You see, while we were doing our thing in Philly, our brother KPB|Mr. Croft a.k.a. R3cursion got his boys -- Flying Pig & Dirty Sh33ts -- together and ultimately dominated the Chappie Tournament for Evolve that was running all day Saturday. Even after having one of their (remarkably dominant) victories disputed over a technicality that the tournament itself didn't even bother to hold against them. Regardless of that, the dispute stood and Team KPB had to fight this team a second time. Even with the dispute & rematch, Team KPB -still- kicked ass and earned themselves a trip to Cali to play for $15K. By simply doing what they love, these three took Kick-Punch-Block in a new direction and, frankly, to a whole new level.

No matter how you try to slice things, it just doesn't get much better than that. Some people (even some within our ranks) are going to try to sweat the small stuff & focus on the negative, but that is simply not the way I'm wired. I am a "big picture" kind of guy, ladies & gentleman, and I see great things in our future. I'm even going so far as to make some very big things happen for the team myself. All I know is that there's a whole new type of momentum pushing us forward and, while it may rub some people the wrong way, I have got to admit that it feels good.


Although they may seem violent at times, these swelling winds of change are an overdue breath of fresh air.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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