Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – March 2015

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears! Aphro is back with the musical blessings for all your sets & sessions. Since I'm not the only one glad that this winter is almost over, this month's Anthem was chosen to heat things up. After the jump, let's get it going...

The reason you're up out of your seat right now is "King of the Dancehall" by Beenie Man, a single off his 2004 album Back to Basics. Say what you'd like about the guy, but it's nigh impossible to deny the urge to get up & move when you hear this track. The beat, the lyrics & the video all pretty much foster a sense of good times. It goes to remind me that no matter how much importance & attention we give these games, it's really all about just having fun.

So while I type this out, I actually find myself already knowing who deserves this particular track. Not because there aren't enough characters that this song could fit, but primarily because the one I have in mind is of the few who is actually aiming to just go out to have a good time. All he's really looking to do cook, sing, dance & occasionally kick some ass.


Intuition's telling me that smile might be hiding some pretty dark stuff...


Don't act so surprised, people. Having a good time is the reason Dee Jay gets up out of bed of every morning. Hell, it wouldn't surprise if it was him singing this song in the SF universe. Seriously, if Poison could make this just downright terrible idea of a supergroup a horrifying reality, then Dee Jay can be the damn dancehall king! Jokes and bad decisions aside, with some of his alternate costumes, I can totally see him on a sold out stage somewhere on the island.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.


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