KPB|Parappa takes the Stage!

How y’all feel out there? Alright, so check this out... first and foremost, I hope everyone’s doing well. This is one of the latest additions to Kick-Punch-Block typing up this piece and, although I’m better known as AJ, I’ll be going by Parappa.

Since this is my first article, I want to use the opportunity to give some of my background (no life story, I promise) as a formal introduction and reference point to where I come from/what I’m about to the FGC as well as give a deeper insight to my new teammates. The crew has been nothing but hospitable to me since I’ve met a good majority of them and I’d be remiss if I didn’t thank Rodimus Prime & Aphro Dynamek for the platform I’ve been given to sound off. I have a lot of admiration & love for the games we play, the community we’re in and there’s plenty of topics I will give my thoughts on in the future. Fair warning, sugar coding or hyping up is something I never been a fan of. I’ve been around and seen enough to tell it like is, no chaser. Anyone that knows me personally can attest that I base my opinions in facts in order to be as objective as possible. I don’t talk about any concepts I have no clue on, I will flat out say ‘I’m not sure’ and/or I’ll look up on it. The times I rant, I can’t lie, are unfiltered, but I guarantee you that it has merit and I will present a valid argument.

If you wanted something sweet & artificial, you're pulled up to the wrong bar...

If you wanted something sweet & watered down, you pulled up to the wrong bar...

So who the hell is Parappa and why am I here? I’m actually a writer by trade or rather pursuing a career as an author so this is a fit on more than one level. I’d like to represent the team as a player but… unfortunately life isn’t all about games. Between securing a steady income and attaining a successful career, time to hit the lab has been very scarce for me. For now, I’ve demoted myself to a casual player, but it’s all good because writing up columns works just fine. This way, I can stay connected to the FGC in some capacity. Besides this won’t be forever, I intend to play competitively and become a force. I’m not trying to make it to the Malloy List. Plus, I keep my fighter IQ sharp as a spectator and as a coach to anyone willing to be taught or accepting help. Being the 3rd generation in a family of coaches, it’s only in your blood to get cerebral and dissect any game, study the meta, talk strategies, bring out the best in your players and so on. My name’s Parappa, so I gotta believe …right? Alright, I didn’t write that with a straight face. That was corny as can be and so are all the messages in the game itself, too. HOWEVER, I agree with the basic philosophy. In any game the right frame of mind is crucial; I don’t need a witness to testify to that. I have big plans for myself & this community and I can’t wait for the day that I can finally get it into motion.

Thanks for reading. Until next time... I’m outta here.

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