KPB Character Battle: Junpei Iori VS Shoma Sawamura

Just when you think spring has finally sprung, here's comes the cold again. Ain't that a kick? Well, at least with it being April, that means one thing: the 2015 MLB season has officially begun. To celebrate, we're pitting designated hitters against each other! After jump, see who's throwing down in this month's Character Battle...

As I was saying, we got a real slugfest ready for you (pun only partially intended). All the grass is trimmed, all the diamonds are painted up and the stadiums are ready to enjoy America's pastime. Now, I'm admittedly not a baseball fan. My attentions were always more directed towards football & boxing, but that's really only because you can actually hit people in those sports without getting into any serious trouble. Hell, it's practically encouraged. However, I'm not daft enough to be able to ignore the immense draw baseball has as a national sport. That's why we're taking to the mound this month with a showdown between two of the heaviest hitters in fighting game history!


Given his philosophy on sticks & voices, I wonder what the original Teddy would think of these two?

Up at bat, we have "Mr. Easy-Going"... Ultimax's Junpei Iori! Pitching against him, Shoma Sawamura from Project Justice! It's fairly common knowledge that both these boys have some killer swings, so what this month's contest is the who would do the best in the Big Leagues! Granted, I understand they're both very young, but they clearly have talent. (FYI, although he looks unquestionably awesome, I'm not including Trismegistus in this battle for obvious reasons.) Addressing the elephant in the room, the size of Shoma's bat won't really factor in too heavily. If his hair hasn't raised any concerns by now, the bat's just fine.

So which one of these two would have a better chance at making it in the majors? They both have roughly similar levels of experience, with Junpei being a little league coach & Shoma going to a high school that -- far as I can tell -- focuses almost exclusively on sports. Well, the answer actually lies not in strength of body, but strength of character. In terms of personality, these two could not be more opposite of each other. Junpei isn't called 'Mr. Easy-Going' on a whim, y'know? He is a genuinely laid back guy. Shoma, on the other hand... well, they call him the 'Explosive Slugger' for a number of reasons. As I said before, it's this stark difference in personality that decides this battle.

Imagine, if you will, both these guys make it to majors. A high stakes game against their divisional rivals is reaching its climax and, so far, it has been a heated shootout. Without warning, a pitch goes wild. It doesn't make contact, but almost cracks the guy at bat in the helmet. It is in this very moment that our victor becomes apparent. You see, Shoma has had a history of causing massive brawls during games due to his hilariously short temper. Junpei, on the other hand, would probably let something like that roll right off his back. Not only would Shoma make a mad dash for the picther's mound, but he'd probably aim to take the entire opposing dugout on his own. While that's impressive, it's also frowned upon in major league baseball. That kind of mentality leads to suspensions, fines & bad press... none of which any major clubhouse wants to deal with these days. Shoma would get booted back to Japan while Junpei is still knocking 'em out of the park.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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