KPB Character Battle: Mitsuru Kirijo VS Parasoul Renoir

Just when you thought it was safe throughout the Realms, here comes Jason! However, I won't be focusing on him this week. Instead, I'm shining the spotlight on two of my favorite things. After the jump, prepare to meet our lovely & lethal contestants...

Anyone who knows me (even just a little bit) knows that I have a few weaknesses. Chief among them are redheads and women who can kick my ass. There's absolutely no shame in admitting to that because -- with me -- it is the gospel truth. Now, there's no shortage of either within the pantheon of women who have graced our many, many rosters over the years. That being said, my focus for this month's Character Battle will be a showdown of Fierce Femme Fatales.

Right now, I'd bet Natasha Romanoff is wondering where her royalty cheques for likeness rights are...

Right now, I'd bet Natasha Romanoff is wondering where the hell her royalty cheques for likeness rights are...

Mmmhmmm... forgive me, I needed a moment's pause. In one corner, we have the Imperious Queen of Executions, Persona 4 Arena's Mitsuru Kirijo! Across from her, the current head of Renoir Royal Family, Skullgirl Encore's Parasoul Renoir! These are two of the LAST women you'd ever want to disappoint. Both have high expectations of those serving under them, a compassionate heart for the suffering of others and fencing skills that would make any Musketeer jealous. Which so much in common, it does raise the question as to how either of these beauties could best the other. Let's take a closer look, shall we? (Heheh, like I really needed to ask.)

Mitsuru, at 22, is the younger of our contestants. She is the heir to the Kirijo Group, your basically prototypical global corporation, as well as the leader of the Shadow Operatives, a special unit that happens to include her close allies Akihiko SanadaAegis & Labrys. On occasion, she's even been known to call upon the Investigation Team from Inaba. Together, this crew has handled its fair share of near catastrophes, so there's definitely no reason anyone would think about sleeping on Miss Kirijo.

With Parasoul, it's a different story. For all intents & purposes, she is the supreme ruler of the Canopy Kingdom. However, her royal status is little more than a title. Aside from being a (badass) princess, she's also military commander. As leader of the Black Egrets, she commands the kingdom's military in an effort to stay ever vigilant should the Skullgirl ever reemerge. This is a particularly delicate subject for her, since the previous Skullgirl... was her own mother, Nancy Renoir.

So how do you decide between such a pair? Well, the answer is simple: experience always plays out. Mitsuru & her allies do have the ability to wield their Personas, but Parasoul commands an entire army. Furthermore, all the incidents that Mitsuru has faced while dealing with the Persona phenomenom were, more or less, isolated. Parasoul has to stay in a constant state of alert awareness at damn near all times because the appearence of the Skullgirl can escalate into an extinction level event. This difference in resolve is even reflected in the company they keep. While they are capable with their unique set of skills, the (main) Shadow Operatives & Investigation Team are still noticeably young (At 22, she's the oldest among them). The Black Egrets, on the other hand, are trained soldiers. Also, and I would think this goes without saying, when one of your crew is riding around in her own mech & another is big/strong enough to wear a tank like a wristwatch, a handful of schoolkids really doesn't stand much of a chance against that squad.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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