The Malloy List – June 2015

Great googly moogly, it is officially hot enough to be summer now. Welcome back, my FGC brothers & sisters! It is once again time to carve another name on to the fabled Malloy List. This month's nomination might feel like a cop out, but once you hear the reasoning, it'll all make sense...

As I was saying, there are those among you who might think I'm taking the easy way out with my nomination this month and those of you who do are entitled to your opinion. I will never try to take that away from anybody. However, I'd like to think that I do a fair-to-midland job of making my case when it comes to these choices. My pick for the List is... curious. Even by my standards. Hear me out, though...


It's not the size of your horns that counts, but who you impale on them...

I can already imagine some of the displeased comments: "He's not canon." "We already have a transformed Jin on the roster." "He'd be broken." All of which are vaild arguments. However, that's the beauty of the Malloy List: it is purely hypothetical. Furthermore, I doubt anyone who would have any type of executive control over character decisions actually reads this column. As such, we're free to go as crazy as we want & I love every second of it.

Anyways, back to the matter at hand. I'm going to go ahead and call this version "Demon Jin". For anybody outside the loop, this version of Jin Kazama stems from Devil Jin's Tekken 5 ending. Aside from being tied with Feng Wei & Wang Jinrei for my favorite ending in the game, it poses a very intriguing concept to the audience. In the moments leading up to their fight, Jin tells his great grandfather that he's actually in full control of the infamous "Devil Gene". *DECADE OLD SPOILER ALERT* After their fight, Jin absorbs whatever evil energy it was taking hold of Jinpachi. The end result being a far more intimidating & insanely powerful version of Jin. *END DECADE OLD SPOILER* 

Obviously, this version of the story never went further than that one scene... but it got me to thinking. Imagine if the canonical storyline after Tekken 2 were as follows: A) Tekken 3 - Jin discovers his heritage, fights Ogre, gets betrayed by Heihachi & has his first experience with the Devil Gene. B) Tekken 4 - After experiencing the Devil's power, Jin tries to fight against its hold on him, only to be captured by the Mishima Zaibatsu and forced to confront it head on. C) Tekken 5 - Keep as is because it was the catalyst to this particular train of thought. D) Tekken 6 - Instead of the pseudo-Shakespearian political power struggle he finds himself in against his father, Jin now actively starts hunting Azazel in order to add that power to his own. Which leads us to E) Tekken 7 - Jin, now nigh unstoppable with all his assimilated power, lays low until his grandmother resurfaces and -- in a twist that harkens all the way back to T3 -- he takes her power into himself to become the true final challenge of the Mishima Saga.

Before you say anything, yes... I am totally aware of how insane all that sounds. However, consider how much that changes the dynamic of Jin's character. Instead of just being the brooding anti-hero stereotype, he's now elevated to chaotic mastermind status. This puts him, believe it or not, on the same plateau as Thanos in the MCU. That crazy depiction of his Devil Form in Tekken Hybrid would almost feel stylistically justified now. As always, though, it's just a thought... and I can dream, can't I?

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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