Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – July 2015

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears! The Dynamek One has returned with more crazy sounds for all your meaty beatdowns. This is a time for celebration, so this month's Anthem is gonna be one of my favorites. Let it spin a while, you might grow to like it, too... 

That sweet, synthesized assault on your earlobes right now is courtesy of the good people at OverClocked Remix (I'm not even gonna say it this time). To be precise, this is actually a track from their album "Mega Man 9: Back in Blue". If you loved the game or just the series itself, definitely check out Back in Blue. Right off the jump, this song's energy is downright infectious. The pacing, the blend of different instrumental influences... I defy you listen to this song and not -- at the very least -- tap your toes. Just imagine being in a club, with the DJ tearing it up on the turntables & everyone's energy is cranked to 11. Suddenly, the lights go out & this track slowly starts pumping through the speakers... how insane would that be?

So who, in all the annals of fighter history, does this song fit. Well, allow me to explain something to all you wonderful people that I may have not touched on in the past... my method. You see, I always start with the song first and then I choose a character. In terms of making my job easy, the success rate has been about 50/50. This month proved interesting because, while my choice isn't exactly a robot, he is somewhat... enhanced.

Forgive me, I honestly couldn't pick -just- one...

Were you able to figure it out before seeing this pic? If so, then congratulations... great minds think alikeTekken's Yoshimitsu has always been one of the more interesting additions to whatever game he ends up in. According to all the records, there have apparently been three Yoshis over the course of (Namco's) recorded history. Two things are consistent with all three versions: 1) He's the leader of the Manji Clan & 2) he has a total Robin Hood complex. Nothing wrong with either of those. In fact, his rampant philanthropy has often helped further various medical research projects. Despite some of his methods, Yoshimitsu is an overall good guy.

"Why did I pick him?" you might be asking. I'll let your imagination answer this one. Do me a favor & think back to that club I mentioned earlier. DJ's going in, everyone is turnt up, lights go out... you hear that one lyric ("We are just robots!"), the lights slowly fade back in, but a spotlight shines down when the beat kicks in & there's Yoshimitsu. Given all his tricks, attacks, stances & plain craziness, dare to dream with me about the insane, Super Cr3w-esque dance routine he'd be able to pull off... by himself. Cover charges be damned! I want a front row seat to that magic.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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