KPB Character Battle: Blue Mary VS Tina Armstrong

Well, the signs are all here: beers are getting passed around, burgers are getting cooked & the mercury is climbing... it's definitely summertime. And what better way to appreciate this change in seasons than with a pair of battle tested beauties? Yep, this month's Character Battle is all about the babes...

Now, as I'm sure you all are well aware, there is absolutely no shortage of beautiful women to behold when it comes to fighting games. At this stage of the industry's evolution, they are as much a part of the culture as the quarter circle forward motion. Thankfully, the vast majority of these women are like snowflakes: no two are exactly the same. That's not to say some of them don't have a few similarities between them, though. Once such similarity is the age old agage: "Blondes have more fun". (Personally, I'm a sucker for redheads, but I digress.) Two such blondes happen to be our contestants this month. In a contest that would make Jack & Zeb proud, this is throwdown for the title of "Miss All-American American"!


There's a really crass joke to be made here regarding "2D vs 3D", but I'm gonna take the high road this time...

Drink it in, folks, because these ladies right here are two of the tallest drinks of water you'll ever meet (despite neither of them being over 5'10"). In one corner, we got the Sweetheart of Southtown, Fatal Fury's "Blue" Mary Ryan. Her opponent, the original Rumble Rose herself, Tina Armstrong from Dead Or Alive. Just off general rip, these two look like they could be related. However, both of them already have their hands full when it comes to dealing with their family... be they immediate or distant.

Minor similarities & obvious differences notwithstanding, these two come from very opposing walks of life. Tina, being the younger of the two (24) followed the WWE Diva route by following her father's footsteps straight into the squared circle. Filled to the brim with ambitions towards fame, she parlayed her victories into careers as a model, actress & rock star. Although she has returned to the ring, despite her father's very vocal opposition to the idea, she's got her eyes set for political office. You really got to hand it to her, too... when Tina sets her sights on a goal, there's very little that has any chance of keeping her from it.

Mary, on the other hand, has had a little less sweet & a lot more sour over the course of her life. She lost her father -AND- her man at the same time while both were working for the Secret Service. Besides teaching her commando sambo, Butch (Mary's lover) also gave her the trademark leather jacket that she's often seen sporting. Since then, she took up work as a freelance investigator & crossed paths with a certain Southtown native. Suffice it to say, despite all the tragedy in her life, that wonderful smile of hers has returned for good.

So how could one possibly choose between these two beauties? Given their purpose & placement within the canon of their respective games, they aren't exactly pivotal characters. The real quality of these women, though, stems for their personal choices. (It's at this time that I want to reiterate two very important things: 1) This is not a "who would win in a fight?" scenario & 2) all of this is simply my opinion... that is all.) While Tina took the road of fame & stardom, which I cannot fault her for, it was a little selfish. Not knocking for it, mind you, but compared to Mary, it just doesn't scream "'Murica" to me. Blue Mary, though, has served her country. She's been both an officer & a soldier and it don't get much more 'Murican than that. Also, Mary gets her nickname from a drink... how badass is that?


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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