Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – August 2015

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears! Your boy Aphro has kicked open the digital crates & dug out another jam to keep your battles live and amplified! This month's Anthem will most definitely have you ready to take on an army! After the jump, let's get to spinning this track...

Because their music makes my job oh-so-enjoyable, I'm throwing down another song from our good friends at OCRemix. (Seriously, y'all need to get up on this site!) The sheer power that is currently dominating your sense of hearing right now is "Iron Will March" by Torzelan from the AMAZING FOUR-DISC ALBUM that they put together highlighting the Mega Man X series, Maverick RisingHoly hellfire, if you have ever enjoyed MMX during the course of your gaming career, then this album isn't a "must"... it's not a "necessity"... this monumental tribute is your OBLIGATION as a fan to own. Regardless of who your personal favorite Maverick may have been, I guarantee you will love it!

Enough gushing about the album, let's focus on the song. Right off the bat, we're drawn in... practically lulled by the cranking & eventual melody of a vintage music box. Without warning, here comes the guitars. Not too far behind them, the double bass. Before long, the shredding begins and that's when you realize that you're in for one helluva ride. There's power behind this song... a purpose, bordering on what feels like an almost righteous indignation. Suddenly, the title ("Iron Will March") echoes in the back of your mind and you realize that this song is not just an awesome display of metal, but it's the manifestation of one's mettle. Not just anyone's mettle, though... YOUR mettle. Once that truth hits and you feel driven to impose your will on something or someone, the music box's gentle melody returns... only to fade away & bring you back to reality.

Pretty intense, huh? That's the power of a great song, my friends: to remove you from your current situation without you having to move an inch. With such a buildup, who could possibly meet the standard of this track? Whose character is just as steadfast... whose resolve is just as unbreakable? I admittedly had to go way back for this one, but I was able to "keep it in the family", in a matter of speaking, by keeping it under the Capcom umbrella. (Pun only marginally intended.)


And I say to myself, "What a wonderful world... to completely & utterly subjugate under my rule!"

Dr. Edward Bilstein from Capcom's Star Gladiator/Plasma Sword coupling. Blast from the past, indeed. While not the first would-be dictator and surely not the last, it's fairly safe to say that he might just be one of the smartest villains. After all, he is a Nobel Prize winning physicist. Fictional or not, that's pretty damn impressive. Anyway, I will confess to something: I didn't pick this song for him solely because of his desire for universal conquest, but because of that music box opening. In a quieter moment, I can imagine him winding it up and possibly reminiscing about the day he received it as a gift from his daughter. After a quick flicker of vaguely remembered humanity washes away, Bilstein steadies himself and continues on his warpath across the cosmos.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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