KPB Character Battle: Yun & Yang VS Dante & Vergil

Hot diggity daffodil! Welcome back, my FGC brothers & sisters. I hope time has been treating you well since we last spoke. Some seriously BIG things are happening for us here at Kick-Punch-Block, but the show must go on. Buckle up because we are doubling down for this month's Character Battle!

As I'm sure you noticed from the title, it's all about twinsanity today. What actually caught me off guard a bit was when I realized that twins in fighters are actually rarer than twins in real life. Their probability only ranges within the single digit percentile. Furthermore, one of the broad misconceptions I had coming into this was mistaking regular siblings for twins. Although, in my defense, some examples blurred the lines a bit for me. An honest mistake, but one I've learned to avoid moving forward. Thankfully, Capcom has made my job easy. In light of that, this month's contest is to discover their most Devastating Dynamic Duo!


Damned if I know why, but for some reason... I really wanna flip a coin right now.

Chiming off first, we got the Lee twins from Street Fighter: Yun & Yang. Their opponents, the progeny of the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda: Dante & Vergil. Right off the bat, these two... er, these four are prime examples of dichotomy. The brash, cocky, somewhat abrasive characteristics are on in full display with Dante & Yun, while the more reserved and stoic traits are prevalent in Yang & Vergil. You'll notice that this pattern repeats with almost any pair of siblings in gaming. The contrast is done primarily to highlight whatever differences there may be between playstyles. As such, you'll notice that Yun focuses more on power while Yang concentrates on speed. Same with Sparda's boys, Dante prefers his guns and Vergil sticks with sword. All matters of preference that allow you to work with the style you enjoy the most.

Psychological tropes aside, these pairs are night & day. The Lee twins are more focused on competing against themselves than anything else. Bragging rights are a big thing between siblings, especially with twins as competitive as the Lees. While they're very serious about one upping each other, it's all in good fun. The other two, though... wow, just wow. While the majority of the animosity is coming from Vergil's side of the equation, Dante doesn't really help the situation by being such a prick. I suppose the fact that they (occasionally) put their rivalry aside for the greater good somewhat makes up for all the numerous attempts at killing each other. Poppa Sparda would be proud.

So who takes the title of Most Devastating Dynamic Duo? Well, it boils down not to the characters themselves... but to the players. In all my travels involving the FGC and all the work I do behind the scenes, there was one particular conversation that still rings in my ears: Yun making people want to quit Street Fighter. I've never heard that argument in Marvel. People usually flock towards any team that has Dante and/or Vergil on it because their tier level optimizes damn near any squad. Within our culture, the expression "Hold that L" is commonplace. If that loss, however, makes you reconsider your relationship with a game, then that is a clear cut example of devastation.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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