KPB Character Battle: Jade VS Litchi Faye-Ling

It is most definitely time to throw down again! Feels like forever since we've pitted two fighters against each other, but the wait is over. I'm positive that there will be no shortage of dirty jokes had at their expense (especially with what I have in mind), so let's get to it...

Full disclosure time: I originally had some other people lined up for this month's Character Battle, but the events of Summer Jam 9 got me to thinking. More to the point, it was our friend, The Suarez, and her entry in the cosplay contest that changed the intended direction. While she may not have won, she easily got the most reaction from the crowd. Considering how discerning the FGC is, that's no small feat. Anyways, I'm veering off point... my bad. This month, we're going to be comparing the mettle of two fighting femme fatales in a Battle of Backbone!


I already know what you're thinking... and you're DEFINITELY at the wrong site for that, you little perv.

Be honest: A small part of you (heheh, that's one) has always wanted to see these two duke it out. I honestly can't blame anyone for that. Mortal Kombat's Jade & Litchi Faye-Ling from the BlazBlue series are easily two of the hottest, most desirable women ever designed for fighting games. Whether it's the long dark hair, their insane curves or their impressive skill with the pole (that was two, but barely... you saw it coming a mile away), there's a lot to appreciate when it comes to these formidable females. However, I'm bypassing the external & focusing primarily on the character of their respective characters. Don't worry, it'll make sense soon enough...

On the subject of Jade, her driving theme is loyalty. No matter how she was perceived or what she did, she was always loyal to her longtime friend, Kitana. Even when it seemed as if she was solely under the thumb of the Emperor, Jade chose to hold true to her bond with her friend. Mind you, the strength of that friendship has endured two separate timelines. Sadly, after the events of the last tournament, Jade has vanished & holds the distinction of being the only character not to return (in some form, be it Revenant or cameo) in MKX. As tribute, however, Kitana's "Mournful" variation makes use of her weapons & attacks. Paying one's respects has never been so deadly.

In many ways, the same could be said in regards to Litchi & her sense of loyalty. On the surface, she's a kindly neighborhood doctor & a benefactor of the Kaka Clan. Beneath the genteel (and quite sought after) exterior, Litchi is a rich tapestry of secrets. Between her ties to Sector 7 & her recent alignment with the NOL, she can be difficult to get a read on. Don't get even get me started on how... aggressive she can be when it comes to cosplay or, God forbid, after enjoying a few drinks. Underneath it all, however, there's something else. Something that runs deeper than any of her relationships or affiliations... and it's that very something that actually decided this contest for me.

That common thread between these two, as I've mentioned so far, is loyalty. Both of these women have gone to great lengths to honor the bonds they've forged over the years. However, only one of them has had it exploited as a weakness. Litchi can be & has been manipulated due to her feelings towards Arakune. Understand that I am not faulting her for it, just stating a fact. Her devotion to the black mass has permeated her logic & reasoning so much that even Rachel has scolded her for it. When a being who has existed for countless millennia reprimands you to such a degree, you've lost your way. For all of her faults & wrongdoings, Jade eventually saw the light and wised up enough to not only change her ways, but renew her convictions, as well. When all is laid bare with these women (and there's the suggestive hat trick), the answer is simple.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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