The Dynamek Perspective: Anatomy of (Character) Assassination

Before we get started here, I want to go on record to say that I have nothing but respect for both Carl & Dominic. They're two of the best at what they do. I'm just taking this opportunity to make lite of recent events before giving my thoughts on Summer Jam 9. Bear with me...

It was a hazy Saturday evening in Essington, not unlike dozens or more before it. There was a tension in the air. Of course, you had to be there to feel it... oh, but it was there. Something that was equal parts rudimentary & spectacular was to happen this night. Once all the dust has settled from the day's countless battles, an exhibition of unprecedented grandeur had been announced only a few days beforehand. Two titans of our vast community were to face off against each other in a Ft10 (First to 10). Like I said before, exhibitions of this nature happen all the time... little did we all know, history was to be made this night.

The gladiators who chose to step upon this grand stage were none other than Perfect Legend & Sonic Fox. These two had faced off against each other in the past, but those were for official rankings & grand prizes. This time, however, was personal. Some verbal jabs from the younger, more rambunctious Fox had landed squarely on Legend's pride. There would be no simple shrugging it off. Before long, the challenge was thrown down & all the details set. Big E himself allowed this contest to take place as the after hours main event at Summer Jam 9. Literally & figuratively, the stage was set for their inevitable clash...

I'll be honest with you, though... I didn't think much of the idea when it was announced. Challenging Fox is something of a moot point. Simply put, the kid is talented. There are very few events that he doesn't claim victory. If one were so inclined, they could say he's the closest thing to a lineal champion that we've had in quite some time. Legend's no slouch, either. He's easily one of the best to have ever "picked up the sticks". Their paths seemingly forever destined to intertwine, tonight would either be another chapter in their storied rivalry... or, impossible as it could have seemed at the time, their final farewell. As the Scripture themselves decree: There would be no more delay.

With the masses present in attendance gathered & the eyes of untold thousands set upon them, the game was afoot. Fox had gone with using Kitana, a character once labeled as weak that had become an irresistible force in his hands. To hopefully counteract this, Legend chose Kung Lao. Lao had been a favorite on the roster for many years at this point & his skill was nothing to sneeze at. Once their respective lots had been cast, the battle began. It didn't take long for Fox to assert his trademark dominance. A combination of speed, zoning & offense that's led him to claim so many victories in the past. Soon, the momentum was heavily in his favor. Legend's Kung Lao was impressive, but ill-equipped to stem the tide that was Fox's onslaught.

Before long, the suspicions I had when the announcement was made started to become confirmed. The contest was a moot point. Sonic Fox made short work of Perfect Legend and the score was steadily becoming one-sided. No matter what he tried to do, Fox was right there with him, one step ahead damn near the whole time. Soon, there were whispers of a mercy shutout among the crowd. Surely, such a rout didn't need to continue any further. However, PL chose to press on, regardless of the increasing distance between himself & any hope of victory. What happened next will most likely carry this exhibition into (no pun intended) legend...

As had been predicted by many, Sonic Fox pitched the proverbial no-hitter & took the match with a thudding score of 10-0. Once the final blow had landed, the inevitable popoff soon followed. It was relatively concise or as concise as it could be given the build up to the moment. However, Big E was eager to hear from the handily defeated Perfect Legend. Anyone watching would have told you that PL had, more or less, shut down after the sixth consecutive loss... but they'd be mistaken. Once given an opportunity to speak, Legend proceeded to shock the entire crowd (onsite & online) by engaging in what I can only describe as an inverted or backwards popoff of his own. Suffice it to say, the crowd was left awestruck.

There was no precedent for what had just happened onstage. Usually, no one has the balls to spite their opponent after losing in such a fashion. Losing ten straight fights is no small feat by any stretch of the imagination. You had to have been thoroughly dominated by someone to lose ten straight. Despite that, Perfect Legend made the case that, although he was convincingly defeated, he saw it as immaterial because he wasn't defeated by a particular character. In this instance, Erron Black. Without any hesitation, Big E threw down the gauntlet (as well a crisp hundred dollar bill) that they fight again in a Ft3. The stipulation was that SF had to pick Erron Black. PL was not character locked, but he decided to stick with Kung Lao yet again.

Almost as swiftly as it had started, it was over. SF's Erron Black made such short work of PL's Kung Lao that Fox's pocketing of Big E's money seem prophetic. With the chant of "13-0" bellowing through the main hall, there was simply nothing left to be said. Everyone who had attended or tuned in to watch Summer Jam will forever know exactly where they were when they saw a man suffer thirteen straight losses in what was originally meant to only be a 10-all exhibition. For as long as the FGC congregates, the memory of this hazy Saturday evening will not soon be forgotten...

This happened, we all watched & did nothing... technically, that makes us all accomplices.

This happened, we all watched & did nothing to stop it... technically, that makes us accomplices.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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