The Malloy List – October 2015

Well, no sense in trying to avoid the elephant in the room: THE trailer has dropped and the world hasn't fully recovered just yet. Considering that it's going to ring in an amazing year of movies, I welcome the impending fervor. After the jump, see how it impacted my decision...

This month's inductee to the Malloy List might just be our youngest to date. However, as the song goes, "age ain't nothing but a number". If I can be frank, I'd actually go so far as to say that this inductee's age is part of what makes him such a prime candidate. Factor in his strong sense of territorialism & desire to protect those around him and you have the makings of a hero. (Which probably explains how he ended up in Episode VII.)


Memorize that face, but this kid is on the verge of making history.

If you can't recognize that face, then shame on you. That right there is Moses (played by John Boyega) from the incredible 2011 movie "Attack the Block". Moses is the leader of a gang that resides in Wyndham Tower. When what started as a simple mugging broils into a full-fledged alien invasion, Moses & his crew lead the charge in defending the Block from the relentless horde. Over the course of their tumultuous night, it's learned that Moses -- who has been carrying an alien corpse with designs to become famous -- is actually the target of the monstrous extraterrestrials. Without realizing it, he'd been transporting a deceased female of the species & that's put a HUGE target on his back.

What happened next is what endeared Moses' character to me. At only 15 years old, Moses made the decision to do what was necessary to save the Block by using himself as bait to lure the alien menace into a trap. Without flinching or blinking, he threw himself in harm's way for the sake of others. Not because he wanted recognition... no, that urge faded away once he became fully aware of the dire situation facing his beloved home. Moses did what true heroes do when the situation demands: make the decision that, regardless of how it affects them personally, works towards the greater good. No wonder the Force is strong with this one. (Heheheh, sorry... couldn't help myself.)

So where would one put a guy like Moses when it comes to fighting games? Well, that's the funny part of this month's article. You see, I usually have a fairly concrete idea of where I'm going to place someone just based on either their skill set or the content of their character. Moses, however, presents a conundrum because there are actually two games that I feel he'd be a very good fit for. One on hand, given his age & obvious level of education, I want to put him in Project Justice. While I'm positive he'd be a great team player, that roster already has its fair share of heroes and there's enough going on as it is. As awesome of an addition as I'm sure he'd be, I can't see him making a real impact. No sense in ultimately squandering a character slot.

Which leads me to the game I've ultimately decided on... Garou: Mark of the Wolves. Everything about Garou stems from the idea of passing the torch to the next generation. On top of that, while it isn't exactly Brixton, I get the feeling Moses would feel right at home in South Town. Also, given the nature & atmosphere of South Town, he'd be able to find his "place" there. I imagine in all his travels, he'd eventually cross paths with Rock Howard. Chances are that their first meeting might get a little physical, but after all the dust settles... I can see the two of them becoming foils to each other. Frankly, that's the only thing holding Rock back from becoming a great character. Yes, he has daddy issues & a BAMF mentor, but his yin doesn't necessarily have a yang. Moses could be that yang & the friendly rivalry between the two could inspire both to reach for greater heights. Also, to be blunt, Rock could stand have a few more friends closer to his own age. Just saying...

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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