Character Battle: Sie Kensou VS Ganryu

I swear, this weather will be the death of me. I hope all of you are fairing better than I am after Phil's forecast backfired on us. Frigid cold notwithstanding, there's still the matter of our next Character Battle to address. Given the holiday, I figured we should focus on matters of the heart...

Ahh, Valentine's Day... not for the faint of heart, pun intended. I can't think of any holiday with more brazen duality that V-Day. Talk to ten different people and you'd get ten different opinions about it, but that's to be expected. Love is a many-splendored thing, right? It doesn't always work out how everyone thinks it will, though. Some people are strengthened by love while others (sadly) lament it. However, there's a particular group out there for whom love is a most decidedly one way street. I'm talking about the men & women out there that know not the purity of reciprocated affection... the hopeless romantics.

I'd call them lovable losers if I wasn't so hesitant to label someone who could easily kill me as a "loser".

I'd call them lovable losers if I wasn't so hesitant to label someone who could easily kill me as a "loser".

In all my years of gaming, I can think of no two more hopeless romantics that KOF's Sie KensouTekken's Ganryu. Mind you, it's not that I can really blame either of them. They both have great tastes in women and are, if I can be frank, rather amorously ambitious. Kensou falls under the trope of familiarity breeding compassion: hang around someone long enough and there's always a remote chance that some feelings might pop up. His familiar paramour is none other than everyone's psychic songstress, Athena Asamiya. Under the steely (although often blurry) gaze of Chin, these two have been honing their abilities together for years. It's perfectly understandable that he might develop some kind of feelings for her. I'm not mad at him for that, either. If a few little distractions hadn't popped up to run interference, maybe something could have properly bloomed between the two of them, who knows?

As for the big man, Ganryu, he's like that one kid we all knew back in school that was just always crushing hard on somebody. Regardless of his efforts, he simply never gets rebuffed. First, with Michelle Chang and then her daughter, Julia, years later. (If anything, you have to give him points for definitely having a type.) Regardless of all the accolades & achievements that he obtained in his short career, they all paled in comparison to those beautiful Chang girls. Think about it, he was the youngest to ever achieve the rank of Ozeki & started his own restaurant, Chanko Paradise. But alas, his unwavering (and unrequited) devotion has only ever lead him to ruin. If only there was some quick fix to remedy this issue of his... ehh, sounds like a fairy tale.

So of these two, who do I feel the most sorry for? Believe it or not, this is the first time I've ever reversed my initial choice. Originally, I was going to choose Kensou, but I hesitated once I remembered that his psychic powers were ultimately restored (and his "brother" thankfully dismissed from action). It's hard to feel all that sorry for someone with any kind of superpowers. It's simply too sweet of a consolation prize. Ganryu, on the other hand, has been completely written off by two generations of women. Think about that: he finds himself enamored with a woman, does everything he can to get her attention only to not even be acknowledged, starts up a business, tries his hand at that and -- nearly two decades later -- repeats that destructive cycle with an entirely different woman, only to meet the same results. That is tragic to me. Hell, at the risk of sounding indelicate, he might need to cut his losses & settle down with a chubby chaser... at the very least, she'll at least notice him.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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