The Malloy List – February 2016

Despite retiring from field duty, it was nice being able to hang out with everyone at Winter Brawl X. Not only did I get to see some incredible matches, but we were able to welcome some new blood into the KPB ranks. In any case, let's etch another name onto the Malloy List, shall we?

While I cannot speak for anyone else, I am loving the fact that "Young Justice" recently had its second season uploaded to Netflix. The first season hooked me in, but the second one raised the stakes at pretty much every possible level. Damn shame that Cartoon Network pulled the plug on the show right when things were about to go interplanetary, but Netflix might come to the rescue if the numbers prove decent enough. Fingers crossed.

Anyways, I bring this up because this month's nominee had quite a considerable impact on the show... and on yours truly. They say heroes are a dime a dozen, but a good villain can make all the difference. At the end of the day, however, lets not kid ourselves: most villains are inherently cooler than their heroic counterparts. It's the same logic behind NASCAR... the race itself is (marginally) entertaining, but everyone's really there for the potential/inevitable crash & pile up. That being said, this month's inclusion is all about the crash...

"Call me 'Ringo'... one... more... time."

"Call me 'Chocolate Ringo'... one... more... time... and watch what happens to you."

Black Beetle is the remarkably enthusiastic muscle for the Reach, an advanced alien race that uses mildly condescending pleasantries & subversive politics in favor of all-out militaristic invasion. One unique characteristic of the Reach is their litigious approach to planetary domination. The Reach can only lay claim to planets whose residents openly invite them. Upon this acceptance of this invitation, via a pact they have with the Guardians of the Universe, no member of the Green Lantern Corps can set foot on that planet ever again. I have to admit, subversive though it may be, that's one HELL of a way to cover your ass. On the subject of (this particular) Black Beetle, he is the 'blunt instrument' of the Reach's designs on Earth. Commonly referred to as "warrior" by his superiors, BB takes immense pleasure in embarrassing his opponents. To take things that extra mile, he absolutely despises Earthlings. (His nickname for us is "meat".)

So what game would benefit the most from having this cruel colossus on its roster? Although the practice annoys me, I'll answer that question with another question: Why try to fix what isn't necessarily broken? I choose to include Black Beetle in, of all games, Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. I'm sure you're already scratching your head, so allow me to explain. MKvsDC had one major problem to me... well, it had a whole slew of issues, but one in particular that rubbed me the wrong way was its final boss. I don't know (or care) whoever thought that Dark Kahn was a good idea, but he always felt like nothing more than a placeholder to me. This is where the Black Beetle & the Reach could make all the difference. Since the Reach's ultimate goal was to harness & weaponize the Meta gene, imagine how much more interested they would have been if given the chance to study the Kombatants. Since their research is sorely lacking when it comes to magic, sorcery & witchcraft, they would have had their hands full dealing with the Warriors of the Realms... and that's when you send in the big guy. His (almost guaranteed) SNK Boss Syndrome would have made perfect sense since he's a threat unlike any other either side would have faced up to that point. And just imagine all the trash talk... oh, it would be glorious.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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