Aphro’s Asskicking Anthems – May 2016

What it is, what it is, what it is... shed no tears. Hello again, one & all! Your boy Aphro is back with all those crazy sounds that breathe life to your beatdowns. The month of May is in need of an Anthem. After the jump, get ready to feel the power!

Ahh, memories... this one takes me all the way back. Such simpler times, right? Long before we ever thought the FGC could reach the heights it has now, there were those days where all we cared about was meeting up after school/before work & getting some games in. When that was done, we could kick back & watch Toonami until curfew started creeping up on our clocks. And what was the driving force behind Toonami? Dragon Ball Z! Doesn't matter what type of anime you're into, everybody has had experience with DBZ. Whether it was early Sunday morning before church, after school during the week or at that one really cool friend's house during a sleepover... we've all tuned in. No shame in that, either. Don't ever let anyone tell you different.

Due to the simply unprecedented success of DBZ in the States, it should come as no surprise that the series has spawned a daunting library of video games. From puzzlers to adventurers, reaching all the way back to 1986, the series has provided countless players with nonstop action for 30 years. However, this is an FGC website, so you already know that we're here to talk about the fighters. I sadly do not have the time needed to get into all the different fighting games the Dragon Ball series has given us, so I'm just going to focus on my favorite: Budokai Tenkaichi 2Despite all the DBZ games I've played over the years, BT2 always stands out to me... primarily because of its soundtrack, but also because of the "What If?" scenarios in the game. No matter what famous battle from the series I found myself in, the music always motivated me. The intro was just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

So who would I assign this stellar track to? Who embodies the energetic spirit this song radiates? Fret not, my FGC brothers & sisters, because I have a perfect candidate in mind. Someone who not only crackles with an intensity all their own, but someone whose in-game fighting style actually takes a few pages from the book Dragon Ball...

If you were ever curious as to how Doreen Green would look as an anime character...

If you were ever curious as to how Doreen Green would look as an anime character... now you know. 

Beastkin in the house! BlazBlue's Makoto Nanaya is is damn near too perfect of a fit for this song. Characters like her make my job very easy sometimes. Seriously, what's not to like about this chick? She's friendly, outgoing, loyal, fun-loving AND can shatter a moon. Jokes aside, though, Makoto is a very unique character in terms of personality. Akin to her animal side, she can somewhat lacking with the attention span & is prone to hyperactivity. (Hmm, that sure does sound familiar.) Underneath all that, however, there's a very tender soul complete with her own insecurities and fears. The latter, in my opinion, makes her a better character from a narrative standpoint. She could have easily been a one note gag like some other fighters, but she's a complete & well-rounded (no pun intended) individual.

My choice of Makoto runs a little deeper, though. You see, the best part about her is that she could totally fit in with the DBZ family. Hell, barring her inability to fly, she could probably keep in step with them if she trained as often as they did. On top of all that, just imagine how much more fun some of the scenarios throughout DBZ could be with her inclusion, whether it's from comic relief or getting in on the action. In an effort to stay true to the Squirrel Girl reference from before, she could have been Trunks & Goten's battle hardened nanny/first sparring partner. Think about it.

Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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