Character Battle: Gato VS Feng Wei

Before we get started today, I just want to take a moment to congratulate KPB|Zidiane on his new position at SRK. I've had the pleasure of working with him & I can tell you firsthand, this guy is VERY talented. Congratulations, little brother... you're the man now!

Now that that's been handled, it's time to pit two larger than life personalities against each other. Or, to be direct, it is time for a new Character Battle! These contests are designed not to gauge battle prowess or combat efficiency, but to think outside the box & make things... interesting. If you're curious as to why I avoid that kind of pairing, it's because I'm not satisfied with just bringing "sand to the beach", know what I mean? Here at Kick-Punch-Block, we pride ourselves on originality & creativity. If you got style, flex it in everything you do! I like to think I'm upholding that tradition fairly well, but I digress. Our contestants today are two of the most dangerous BMFs in martial arts & fighting games, period.

What's the deal with martial artists & weapon's length ponytails?

What's the deal with martial artists & weapons length ponytails?

I wasn't kidding when I said dangerous. If there were ever two warriors who could bring a smile to the legendarily hardened face of Pai Mei, it would be these two. Seriously, Bolo Yeung would be proud. Some of the best characters in fighters throughout the years have been those who fit the mold of kung fu master. I like to believe that our admiration for such fighters stems all the way back to those horribly dubbed old school flicks that we'd see on the Saturday afternoon matinée (after we were caught up on our cartoons, of course). Those movies, in one way or another, have permeated our media culture in so many different ways. In fact, a lot of tropes that we see in games now came from those very movies. One of my favorites is the focus of our contest today. I want to determine who would be the Best Sifu.

This is going to be a little tricky because neither of these guys register as what you call a "people person". To put it bluntly, they have the social skills of a misanthropic rhino. Still, though, there is no denying how powerful (and terrifying) they are. Gato is one of the many new faces introduced in Garou: Mark of the Wolves as well a few appearances in the King of Fighters series (which makes things a little murky regarding the timeline, but that's a topic for another day). With the exception of a noted superiority complex, Gato doesn't have a lot going on in the personality department. To be fair, however, that may be the traumatic result of his father's murder of his mother. I don't care how many cinder blocks you can break with your hand, there's really just no bouncing back from that. The only time that veneer ever cracks is around Hotaro Futaba, who it's implied might be his younger sister. He rarely acknowledges this, but that doesn't mean they aren't related... it just means he's a jerk of an older brother.

Tekken's Feng Wei, on the other hand, is personable enough to at least be socially functional in public. The catch is that he has a serious issue with authority. Feng trained tirelessly in his youth, but the second his master got on him about fighting outside of the school... BOOM, dead. At some point before the Fifth Iron Fist Tournament, he promptly delivered a severe beating to Asuka's father. During the tournament, not only did he get one over on Asuka, but he also took it to Lei Wulong. At the very least, he did acknowledge Lei's skills, so he gets points for making the effort to recognize the society around him. Another very key ingredient to his persona is his one track mind. Feng is all but consumed by his desire to be the strongest, a goal he hopes to achieve by learning the secrets the God Fist. Thus far, success has eluded him... which is probably for the best after you see his ending in Tekken 5. (Still one of my favorites!)

So who would I rather train under? Well, since I'd be submitting to someone completely to focus all of my attention on training, it goes without saying that my teacher will probably act a like prick more often than not. This is where the Pai Mei reference from earlier kicks in. Being friendly isn't exactly a prerequisite for martial arts masters, so some less than stellar treatment will most definitely be par for the course. That being said, trust plays a HUGE factor in this. As talented as Feng may be, he has a fairly extensive track record for heinous kung fu treachery. Sure, Gato will more than likely consistently treat me like garbage & promptly whoop my ass on a schedule that I'm positive only he knows, but at least he won't (intentionally) kill me during the training. I know I'm splitting hairs on this, forgive me, but I enjoy breathing.


Until next time... keep fighting the good fight, my friends.

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